YouTube this video is restricted and cannot be opened

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YouTube “Video unavailable, this video has been restricted. Those who get the error "Please check your Google Workspace administrator and/or network administrator restrictions" go here.

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Workspace is the same as Google's G Suite service, and a series of changes were made about a year ago to create the current brand. Many tools have become integrated with each other. For example, Meet, Google and Documents services can be controlled from a single place. The name given to the service that provides this is Workspace.What does it meanAfter his question, he came to examine the details.

We think that the possibility of the warning mentioned in our title is due to the fact that the user is using this service. The configuration here shows blocking as a precaution in case there is a problem with the content of the video you want to open. We can say that another reason is that the restricted mode is on.

The video cannot be used, we can say that the reason for this problem is that the system automatically restricts the content of the video you want to open on YouTube because it is considered objectionable. It may contain slang, sexuality, threats or cruelty to any living creature. Of course, we will also talk about the possibility of it occurring for a different reason. We will add this to the possible causes below.

Possible reasons why this video was restricted from YouTube

First of all, the situation in the first line needs to be examined. You may be using such a service without knowing it. Afterwards, we recommend checking the following.

  1. Possible reasons in practice should be considered.
    • It is necessary to check whether the restricted mode is turned on or not.
      • If you are logged in, the sign in the upper right area will be touched. Scroll to the bottom and open “Settings”. Make sure the button here is closed. Unless you did it on purpose, of course.
    • Situations related to the version of the application need to be examined. The current version on the sample device is not compatible. (Test with one of the old ones)
    • Those who have problems with their Android tablet or mobile phone need to enable the cache and other options on the device. The solution detail is among the items we have added below.
  2. It may cause problems due to the wrong date.
  3. The video that does not open may be due to it being blocked in certain regions or countries. Or it may have been removed or discontinued.
    • We encounter this mostly in TV series. They may want to earn more income by publishing parts in parts.
  4. If you are using a secure internet service, it may not open.
  5. We may consider the possibility that an investigation has been initiated due to complaints.

How to open YouTube restricted video?

First, what we added above should be examined and the necessary tests should be carried out accordingly.

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  1. Our first recommendationvpnYou can open the content using . You can either use the program or open the video with a VPN-enabled browser. our preferredOperawill be.
  2. Another important optiononline video downloadYou will need to paste the link of the video that does not open from the website and download the video to your computer. It can be done the same way on the phone.
  3. After turning off the restricted option, we recommend closing and reopening the application completely or restarting the device.
  4. If you are logged in, try logging out.
  5. In order to run the necessary options, you need to open the "Applications" area, tap on "YouTube" and then run the options in it.
  6. If there is a problem with yours after trying it with another internet and device, try the next one and test with one of the older versions of the application, depending on the situation.
  7. If you are trying to open it via WhatsApp or another platform, try opening its own application directly.
  8. Try using a browser or a PC.
  9. If secure internet is turned on in your internet service, try turning it off.
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YouTube this video does not open

If you look at the illustrated explanation above, you will come across an area where you will clean the past and privacy. All you have to do is run the necessary options from here. Maybe, in case of device-related possibilities, you can remove the phone's own cache and data.

Browser, online sites and programs with VPN feature

You can use Opera and similar browsers. Another suggestion is to process videos used to download online videos. Our last suggestion is that you can open content without any problems, including Chrome, by using a VPN program.

By using the order we gave in the title, you can play almost all the content that we say the video does not open.

YouTube this video is restricted and cannot be opened
YouTube this video is restricted and cannot be opened

In short, those who follow the first and second points will be able to open videos that do not open without any problems.

If transactions are to be made via restricted mode, the steps are as follows:

  • Enter the profile of the open session,
  • Go to settings from the second screen,
  • Generally, turn off the mode.

If incognito mode is left on, you can turn it off:

  • Let's touch the profile icon in the application,
  • All you have to do is tap "Turn off incognito mode" in the first row.

YouTube this video is restricted issue may occur temporarily and will resolve itself. All you have to do here is to wait without trying anything.

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