YouTube video fast forward and backward not working

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YouTube does not fast forward and rewind, what is the solution? YouTube does not fast forward and rewind on an Android phone or Smart TV, that is, the video does not fast forward or rewind.

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You will reach the estimated solution with our short suggested steps to solve the problem of YouTube not rewinding in videos. This method will also be a solution to the error that YouTube video cannot be fast forwarded or rewinded on the television.

The problem of YouTube video not going back and forth occurred on our Philips Smart TV television. We didn't fully understand what caused the problem, but we found the solution. The problem of not fast forwarding the video is most likely due to either a system problem in the application or a YouTube update and this error occurred after the update. If you say you didn't update, our answer is that it did it in the background because automatic update may be on.

Why doesn't YouTube go back and forth?

We explained above why YouTube video does not scroll back and forth. The solution lies in our indirect explanation. Whether the problem is caused by an update or another reason, the solution will be the same. The forward and back button does not work in the video because the arrow keys are invalid in the application. Normally, the arrow keys work when navigating the settings menu. From here we can understand that the Youtube application is causing problems. Our article may be the definitive solution for not being able to go back and forth in videos.

YouTube fast forward and rewind not working solution

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  • Turn the phone or television off and on.
  • If YouTube forward and rewind does not work, we will find the solution by trial and error by following the order below. The important thing is that you act in order.
  • Uninstall Youtube updates. If you don't know how to remove it, read the description below.
  • You tried uninstalling the Youtube update and if the problem is resolved, then update Youtube again.
  • Assuming that the problem persists, try clearing the Youtube application cache.
  • Try deleting YouTube search history.
  • There may be 3-4 YouTube episodes on television. Delete anything like searches, logins or descriptions.
  • Log out of YouTube session. Try clicking on the log out button from settings. Then, if you wish, log in again with your e-mail address.
  • If the device's software version is not up to date, update it.
  • Yazılım uyumsuzluğu varsa araştırın. Eski Android sürümlerde sorun çıkabilir. Bu iPhone telefonlar içinde geçerli.

How to uninstall YouTube updates on Smart TV?

Go to the Google Play application, go to the "My Apps" or "Applications" section, find Youtube, click on it and select "Uninstall updates". Then open YouTube and test whether the forward and back button works. If it is working, then go to Play Store again and update the Youtube application.

Android YouTube does not fast forward or backward

Youtube back and forth is not working on the phone. The solution is to uninstall the application updates. For this, see our visual explanation.

Find Youtube from the applications and tap it. Tap the three dots at the bottom and tap “Uninstall updates”. Then try again by updating the application. But please update after trying again.

YouTube video fast forward and backward not workingAndroid Youtube does not fast forward or backwardremove youtube updates on tv

Update Date: January 27, 2019, 04:27

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