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When I access the video from the Google Chrome browser, I receive a warning that YouTube playback in other applications has been disabled by the video owner.

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If you encounter the warning above when you try to open a YouTube video in Google searches, or if you publish a video and this problem occurs, it is not an error but simply because the required option is not selected.

If you say that when I publish a video, it does not open in browsers:

  • Open the edit section of the published video.
  • If "Allow embedding" in the additional options is not checked, check it.
  • Save the settings above.

That's it. When this option is blocked from being placed elsewhere, the video cannot be played outside the YouTube app.

This has been done but if there is still a problem, then test it by changing all the settings. Also see if other videos have the same problem. It is necessary to examine whether the content can be viewed by everyone in these sections. It is also necessary to examine whether such a message appears in all browsers or in one of them. If it appears in one of them, resetting the history and browser will work.

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Another situation is the restriction on the account or video. If there is a problem with the content and complaints are received, sanctions may be imposed. You can get more precise information by making a notification.

YouTube video has been disabled by its owner
YouTube Video Disabled by Owner
  • Generally, the exact solution is achieved by checking the placement box below.
YouTube playback in other apps
Video Disabled by Owner YouTube

What Does It Mean YouTube Video Has Been Disabled By Its Owner?

If you receive a warning such as “YouTube video has been disabled by its owner” while watching or commenting on videos on YouTube, it is important to understand what this means and how to resolve it.

This warning usually indicates that the owner of a YouTube channel has blocked or limited comments or interactions on a particular user's channel. This is because the video owner has restricted a particular user's access to their channel due to unwanted comments or behavior.

Here is more information about the “YouTube video has been disabled by owner” warning:

1. Comment Blocking or Restriction: The video owner may have taken this step to moderate comments or interactions or to prevent certain users from commenting. This is done to prevent spam or offensive comments or reduce negative interactions between users.

2. Limiting User Interaction: The video owner may have limited a particular user's interactions on their channel. This means preventing the user from subscribing to the channel or adding “likes” or “dislikes” to videos.

3. Blocking from Channel: The video owner may have blocked a particular user from the channel completely. This means the user will not be able to see the channel or videos at all.

So, how can you resolve this warning or prevent this situation?

1. Make Respectful and Desired Comments: Video owners always welcome respectful and positive comments. Avoid aggressive or unwanted behavior.

2. Contact the Video Owner: If you believe that you have received this warning by mistake or want to contact the video owner, you can contact the video owner directly by searching the channel's contact information or social media accounts.

3. Comply with YouTube Community Guidelines: Be careful to comply with YouTube's community rules. Negative behavior may be grounds for disabling or limiting by channel owners.

The “YouTube video has been disabled by owner” alert indicates that the video owner has restricted or blocked interaction with a specific user. It may be possible to prevent or resolve such situations by being respectful, avoiding unwanted behavior, and following YouTube's community guidelines.

YouTube Video Disabled Problem and Solutions

YouTube is a popular video platform where millions of users share and watch video content. However, sometimes users may encounter “Video is disabled” issue on YouTube. This issue may occur while watching or trying to start a particular video. In this title, the general video contains information about deactivation.

Causes of Video Disabled Problem:

  1. Internet Connection: A weak or unstable internet connection may cause video to be disabled.
  2. Browser Issues: The cache or cookies of the web browser you use may prevent the video from loading properly.
  3. Browser Add-ons: Some browser add-ons or add-ons may affect the proper functioning of YouTube.
  4. Restrictive Settings: Restrictive settings on your network or device may limit your video viewing abilities.
  5. Restrictions by Video Owner: Video owners may limit video viewing in certain countries or devices.

Ways to Fix Video Disabled Problem:

  1. Check Internet Connection: Make sure your internet connection is working smoothly. Try restarting your modem and router.
  2. Change Browser: You can fix the problem by using a different web browser. For example, try Firefox or Safari instead of Chrome.
  3. Disable Browser Add-ons: Browser add-ons or add-ons may be causing the problem. Disable all add-ons on your browser and check if the issue still occurs.
  4. Clear Browser Data: Clearing browser data, deleting cache and cookies can help fix the issue.
  5. Check VPN: If you are using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), your VPN may cause the problem by thinking you are in certain countries. Try disabling VPN.
  6. Use a Different Device: If the issue occurs on a specific device (for example, your phone), try it on a different device (for example, your computer).
  7. Contact Video Owner: If the video is disabled, this issue may have been set by the video owner. Contact the video owner to report the issue.
  8. Check for Updates: Make sure to check for browser and operating system updates and upgrade to the latest version. If problems occur after the update, revert to the previous version of the application.
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