Participating in Zoom live class and using student login

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Zoom öğrenci kartı ile canlı derse katılma ve öğrenci girişinde uygulama ile Zoom nasıl kullanılır adımlarla anlattık. Bağlanmıyor durumlarında hata analizi yapılmalı.

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To hold a live lesson on the Zoom application, you first open a Zoom account and then start the meeting by using the provided Meeting ID / passcode. Here, the teacher who starts the meeting can send a common ID and password. Everyone agrees with this information. Personal appointments can be made.

We can say that this software is a kind of article explaining the use of Zoom. We also have sample news at the end of the article for those who have trouble explaining it with sample images.

Zoom is mostly preferred for business and school meetings. Teachers also have video calls in the form of lessons when they provide guidance services. Let's point out that it is very popular and is an application preferred by EBA users. The software, which has a Windows version, also seems to be good to use.

We suggest that those who say they cannot attend the Zoom live class should look at the following. What you will check:

  • Check for problems with internet and meeting connection.
  • Frequent entering and exiting and heavy traffic may cause access problems.
  • There may be obstacles when using multiple devices.
  • Those who experience a decrease in speed may need to do a few tests. Infrastructure shortage, modem factor and peak usage hours in your region.
  • If Zoom is not connecting, talk to those around you. Also, contact the teacher.

How to use ZoomFor those who say, here are the step-by-step options:

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  1. You tap the “Join” section in the headings above.
  2. Meeting ID numbers consisting of 10 digits given by the school and password will be entered.
  3. You write your username in the Your name section and tap the “Join” button.
  4. Tap the first option on the screen and if it asks for permission, give it.

Participating in Zoom live class and using student login

How to use Zoom

Update Date: September 28, 2020, 13:04

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