Free Windows 11 VPN programs

Windows 11 VPN programı

You will encounter numerous programs for free with Windows 11 VPN programs. However, it offers limited use in general. We generally use Hotspot Shield and Opera for free.


Opera’s VPN service has been providing support for computer use for years. However, over time, it has reached a serious user with regulations for mobile devices. We still use the VPN supported browser on the computer.

Windows 11 free VPN program

We think a lot of users are doing Google searches as in the title. We think that a small number of users are researching the program they intend to use. We always believe that the best product reviews are based on user reviews.

We recommend that you look at mixed user reviews before downloading the programs you intend to use as a VPN program. We think that the best analysis is the experiences of the users.

We recommend those who are looking for a Windows 11 VPN programs to download the Opera browser directly. We concluded with a short explanation of how you should use it by looking at our images excerpted from the current version.

Windows 11 Opera VPN

The answer to the question of which is the best Windows 11 VPN application is relative. What you call good now can go bad after a while. You see, the moves to make money still render the related application unusable. Or maybe it has compatibility issues.

Here’s how to use Windows 11 VPN Opera:

  • Download Opera from Microsoft Store or its official site.
  • After the quick setup steps, you will see the VPN sign in the URL field.
  • If the VPN is turned off, turn it on and look at the region settings. When your connection speed is insufficient, go to change region.
  • Tap the cog to enter the service’s settings.
  • Take a look at the basics, privacy, and features in the service settings.
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Windows 11 VPN program free

The best Windows 11 VPN programs

Hotspot Shield and Opera are very simple to run on Windows 11 operating system. A browser installation is sufficient for Opera. For the other, the download and setup process is in progress.

A certain usage limitation is applied throughout the Windows 11 VPN program recommendations. In some, it offers use up to a certain minute or hour. Or certain MB usage during the day is free.

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Free Windows 11 VPN programs

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