Google Chrome can’t open this page error

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Google Chrome can't open this page error

While opening one of the Google services, the error “Cannot open this page in Chrome” appeared. We tried many times, even opened a new tab and tried it, the situation was the same. is coming. When we closed and opened it, the page was opened normally at first, but after a few seconds the same warning appeared on the screen again.

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We have faced similar problems in the past. Although the texts appearing are different, they are similar to the relevant warnings for similar reasons in the title.

We think our experience is due to the fact that we are constantly processing the same page too often or that we have multiple Gmail sessions open. We think it makes him look like a suspect.

There were options that they thought would be a solution under the Google this page cannot be opened article.

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Google Chrome can’t open this page error

Estimated reasons why this page cannot be opened in Chrome

The situations that occur due to the perception of suspect that we mentioned above continue for a while. Here, the account, device or IP address used is blocked. In short, it is necessary to wait for a while due to Google’s restriction.

  • Frequent transactions on the same pages over and over
  • Rare cases due to single sign-on
  • Implementation of general barriers in threat perception
  • The effect of transmitted viruses
  • Problems with your browser or problems seen from the operating system. Sometimes it is also related to the updates made.

Google can’t open this page

  • Try from incognito tabs of browsers.
  • Closing multiple sessions.
  • Turning off the modem and computer in wireless connections.
  • Browser history clear or reset.
  • For virus scanning, run a scan over the internet apart from the program. We generally use this feature of Eset.
  • Let’s run the system restore feature and set it back to a time when the problem didn’t exist.
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