Google Play has been deleted from the phone, how do I install it?

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Google Play was deleted from the phone, how do I restore it, was one of the problems we encountered frequently for a while. We share with you a good news about how to download the deleted Google Play Store to the phone.

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We will give some advice on what to do to restore accidentally deleted Google Play Store on mobile phone and tablet. However, first of all, you need to take advantage of the backup service so that the internal applications are not deleted or lost.

User reviews are a decisive factor for downloading games for free or paid games available on the Google store. We witness that the satisfaction of users decreases due to the fact that many popular games or applications change over time. In short, it will be useful to follow the variable user comments according to time.

How to install accidentally deleted Google Play Store

While some of our answers to the questions of how to restore deleted Google Play are direct solutions, some of them are only answers to possible causes. It happens that the applications we recommend as a helper are insufficient over time.

First, make sure you haven’t actually deleted the Google Play app. Search for the app by swiping the screen from top to bottom. Updates need to be reviewed, depending on the situation.

How to install Google Play Store deleted?

Check for alternate versions for the possibility that some older versions have their addresses removed. If you encounter a problem with the download or installation, we recommend that you request assistance by sharing the details in the comment field.

  • Those who have problems with the new version should definitely try with alternative versions.
  • The address where you can reach old and current versions
  • If the downloaded version does not work, try the previous version or even older.
  • Try to log in with a different account for installation glitches.
  • If you want to download, do it from the computer through the browser. After that, automatic transfer to the phone will be provided.
  • One of the warnings on installation is from unknown sources. Unknown sources need to be opened in this.
Google Play has been deleted from the phone, how do I install it?

Google Play not loading problem

The store application for mobile phones and tablets with Android system has not come with an update for now. After a short time, the update will automatically come to your device. But if you want to install it without waiting, you can download it to your device for free from the link below.

Some of the purposes of this service are multitasking like authentication on Google services, ensuring user privacy, syncing contacts, controlling apps and improving the experience of games. If this service is not available on the mobile device, download it using the link

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