Hard reset screen does not appear, what should I do?

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Hard reset screen does not appear, what should I do?

Let us state that the suggestions we have given for the solution of the complaints that the Android phone and tablet do not come on the hard reset screen have been created by mixing the past and the present.

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If I remember correctly, our first encounter with this kind of problem was in 2012. In those years, we encountered more brands. We think that such problems would be encountered more in non-original phones made in China. There must have been a problem somewhere with this type of device.

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Hard reset screen does not come, more frequent use was needed with the forgetting of the screen lock on Android devices. In the solution of the problem, either a hard reset or software would have to be thrown.

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Hard reset screen not coming

Experiences in general consist of a process from the old to the new. Of course, sometimes it happens when we don’t follow up for a while. For this reason, we recommend checking your current articles.

The factors that cause the possible hard reset problem are as follows:

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  • Not enough charging in your device. (The recommendation is 50%, but we also traded between 5-7%. Of course, there is a possibility that it may vary depending on the model)
  • You are missing the relevant screen. Maybe you need to or should not let go of the keys.
  • There is a problem of pressing the keys correctly or contacting while operating.
  • The last things we installed on the device are preventing the system from working properly.
  • Software corruption. Factors affecting this; updates, installed apps and virus.
  • Having protection in the installed system. This is the case for devices with special systems installed for some brands or companies.
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Hard reset screen does not appear, what should I do?

Hard reset screen is not coming how to solve

First of all, the above ranking needs to be examined. Then choose your own options to try. Try the latest in this thread.

Make sure the battery level is high. The relevant screen will not appear due to insufficient charge. However, we did this at very low levels. There is a possibility that it will vary from model to model though.

Without forgetting, it is possible that the relevant options may not appear if the battery life is about to end or if it is exhausted. Or the screen will reboot.

Check your keys

Device keys need to be checked. Those who experience disruptions in the work sometimes prevent access to options.

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Let’s make sure we trade with the right options. It may not be the same operations in all models. For example, in some, we take our hands off the volume key, while in others, when the logo comes on, we leave the keys completely.

After 2-3 tests in a row, we encounter the screen. Let’s try from time to time as much as possible.

Software solution to reset screen problems

Let’s turn off the device and wait for a while and then try the hard reset process again. If the robot icon or text does not appear in the process, let’s turn off the device and try to enter the reset screen a few more times.

If the robot stays on the icon, the problem is usually solved with the software. For those who cannot unlock the screen, it is necessary to do a software operation.

Hard reset screen does not appear was our content helpful?

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