How to hide followers on TikTok

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We will also answer the problem of how to hide followers on TikTok.

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I want to hide what I follow TikTok, some of those who are looking for 3rd party applications. However, one of the problems caused by such applications is theft or use of the account.

As a follower hiding application, we think that the accounts of those who download from outside the store are in greater danger. These applications, which you use without knowing what processes are going on in the background, have processes leading to fraud or data theft.

In our content, we recommend that you pay attention to these applications first. Then we will share with you the steps on how to hide TikTok account.

Block to hide what I follow TikTok

We think the TikTok network has had a huge user base for 4 years. Before that, it appeared with advertisements on many platforms. It doesn’t seem to need much advertising these days.

Tik Tok has taken the world by storm with its colorful features and entertainment content. Even though we don’t use it much, let’s say it has a lot of patients.

Let’s come to the privacy concerns of users in such networks. As with all other applications, TikTok has undergone significant changes in its privacy guidelines. He brought the guidelines in line with European standards to the community corner. We can shape these privacy settings according to the capabilities and functions that the application provides us.

Reasons and benefits of hiding TikTok followers

The method of hiding TikTok followers provides an advantage to its users as follows;

  • Thanks to hiding your Tiktok account, no one but your friends can see your videos.
  • When the Tiktok follower is hidden, the foreign followers you get to improve your account remain hidden and make your account appear popular.
  • The method of hiding followers on Tiktok allows you to protect your account from malicious people who want to reach your followers.
  • By hiding your Tiktok account, only your friends can see the private videos you share and you can share the video you want.
  • TikTok hide followers is a password free app, so you can safely switch your account to incognito mode. You can also make your account private by hiding Tiktok followers.
  • Let us remind you that most of the users who want to hide their Tiktok followers buy Tiktok followers for their account, if you wish, you can easily increase the number of followers in your account from 500 followers to 100,000 subscribers.

How to hide TikTok followers?

  • Log in to the settings in the application.
  • Click on the 3 dots icon in the upper right corner.
  • Go to Settings at the bottom of the options that appear.
  • Tap on the Privacy option.
  • Switch to the section named followed list.
  • Here it just gives you two suggestions for choosing who can and cannot see it. Either everyone or just you. Just go with me.
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How to hide followers on TikTok

The problem is that my TikTok followers do not see what I follow

If your follower list is still visible even though you have done the steps in the header, there is either a problem with the version of the application or your account. Let’s try it with a different phone to test this. If you want, log out of your account and log in again.

In case of any problem, restart the device and try again with a different internet.

Maybe your account has sanctions. Yes, this possibility happens. In order to understand this, make a small change here by entering the profile area from your account. Write one word in the field about you. If it does not register, it means that there is a penalty or something wrong with the system.

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