How to install Windows 11 Zoom on computer

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In our topic called How to install Windows 11 Zoom on the computer, we will first talk about the importance of the application, and then we will talk about how to install Zoom on the computer.

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Before we start the news, let’s say that some of the problems you experienced while installing the Zoom program on Windows 11 are related to the system. Maybe it’s because the updates aren’t done properly.

In order to try on possible problems in the Zoom download process, different versions should be researched from Google and tried.

Zoom’s importance in the time of the epidemic

Zoom has attracted the attention of many users around the world during the pandemic. Normally it was already a popular program, but it gained great value during the epidemic. As the brand value of the company increased, the number of users also showed an incredible increase. Although there are alternatives, such a large usage rate has not been achieved.

Some of the usage areas of the application are as follows:

  • State and private educational institutions
  • It has reached significant usage rates in companies and companies. Especially in corporate
  • Meeting usage rates increased
  • There were users who made collective calls, although not many among individual uses.

How to install Windows 11 Zoom

Various reviews are made by making updates. A detailed installation is made for all the works done by following the verification link. After installation, connection is established through the program. The level of quality control between all steps for zoom is checked. The speed of the computer and internet connection are important for a quality meeting. First of all, review the criteria required for Zoom application steps.

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Various settings are made in some applications that you will install on the computer. Permissions are required in the first step of the process. Example audio microphone permissions, camera permissions for video calling, and permissions to grant based on a range of uses.

Windows 11 Zoom account opening

  • If you’re using Chrome, go to
  • Previous account holders must log in. Those who do not have an account will use the “Sign up for free” option
  • “Verify your age”
  • Write your name and other requested information in the relevant fields
  • Add your email account for verification and verify with incoming link or code

Download Zoom to computer

Download Windows 11 Zoom from Microsoft Store or Google searches. For those who will download from internet searches, be sure to download from reliable sources. Example After the Zoom Windows 10 installation, a space will be opened on your screen for you to log in. You will then be asked for access permissions for the camera and audio.

To install the Zoom Windows 11 application, run the ‘Microsoft Store’ application and search for Zoom and download it.

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How to install Windows 11 Zoom on computer

Zoom not installing on computer

The steps to be followed in the problem of Zoom not being installed on the computer are valid for session problems.

  • Enough disk space needs to be checked for installation. Even if the installation takes place, a certain free space will still be needed in order to run smoothly.
  • If the system date is wrong in downloading or using, it will cause problems.
  • The system protections used sometimes cause problems for downloading, installing and using. Temporarily disable the protection for this possibility.
  • Try changing the version of the installed Zoom program.
  • Make sure that the required permissions are granted.

We hope our topic on how to install Windows 11 Zoom has been helpful.

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