How to optimize Xioami battery

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Our smartphones, which have an important place in our lives, cause a number of decreases in battery performance over time. As such, Xiaomi smartphone users are starting to look for ways to improve battery performance. In How to optimize Xioami battery? article, we will tell you the fastest and easiest ways to increase the battery of your smartphones:

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Most of us do not look at what is running in the background of the phone. In fact, these both cause internet consumption and cause our battery to run out early. For this reason, stopping what we deem unimportant by controlling the employees will provide a healthier usage opportunity. Of course, internal services should not be stopped for the system to work properly.

Optimized on Xiaomi phone

First of all, avoid unnecessary use. Most of the users keep the applications that they rarely use on their devices. Their purpose is the logic that maybe they will be needed in the future. In fact, if there will be a need one day, then it will be more logical for them to install those applications. Thus, the storage space of the device will not be occupied for nothing. Plus, it will have little benefit to the performance of the device.

We recommend removing applications that you do not use and that do the same work. Our recommendations will also be useful for extending the battery life of Xioami.

1- Disable Auto-Brightness

Although the auto-brightness feature is a setting to protect your eye health, it is one of the features that uses your smartphone’s battery to a large extent. However, it is quite easy to turn off this high battery-consuming setting:

1) Go to Settings > Brightness > Battery Level

2) Disable Auto-Brightness

2- Use Dark Mode

The Dark Mode feature, which was released with the Android 12 version, provides a better battery performance as well as eye comfort. To activate the dark mode, you can follow these steps:

1) Go to Settings > Display

2) Enable Dark Mode

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How to optimize Xioami battery

3- Battery Saving Mode

With the battery saving mode, it allows you to increase your battery performance by automatically opening and closing applications that consume your battery, such as gps, synchronization and

applications running in the background, which are actively open, according to your usage. İf you want to enable battery saving mode, you can follow this steps:

1) Go to Settings > Battery

2) Click Power Button and Turn On Battery Saver

4- Decrease The Screen Timeout

You can improve your battery performance by shortening the duration of this feature, which consumes a lot of battery due to the screen being on for a long time:

1) Go to Settings > Lock Screen & Passwords

2) Click on Sleep Button and Select 15 sec or 30 sec.

5- Sleep Background App Process

Apps are constantly running in the background so that every time you open apps on your device, they are running in the background and this feature quickly drains your battery performance. but you can stop the apps you don’t use from running in the background by following these steps:

1) Go to Settings and Tap on Battery

2) Tap on Manage Apps Battery Usage setting and choose app

3) Turn off Background Process or Click on Restrict Background Activity

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Xiaomi battery optimizing

6- Turn On Aeroplane Mode

You can increase your battery performance by activating Aeroplane Mode when you are not using applications that consume high battery performance such as Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, GPS. To activate Aeroplane Mode on your Xiaomi Smartphone, follow these steps:

1) Go to Settings > More

2) Turn On Aeroplane Mode toggle

By using the above simple ways to improve battery performance, you can improve the battery performance of your xiaomi smartphone and eliminate the problem of running out of charge immediately. You can follow us for many guides such as how to optimize the Xiaomi battery and Xiaomi’s latest technology news.

We hope our content on how to optimize the Xiaomi battery was useful.

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