How to use two headphones at the same time on phone

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How to use two headphones at the same time differs on the phone and in Windows 11. However, there is a common point that there are times when an auxiliary application is needed for both.

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When we were doing research on sound, we came across an issue related to the title. Some users asked how to use multiple headphones. Let’s take a look at how to use two Bluetooth headphones at the same time.

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Examples of questions are:

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  • I use 2 Headphones and I have one wireless and the other one with jack input. How can I use them at the same time?
  • I have two headphones and I want to use them so that there is no image while watching a movie.
  • I want to use both jack and USB headphones at the same time. Is there a setting for this?

How to use 2 headphones at the same time

We will propose multiple solutions to answer the question of how to get sound with 2 headphones at the same time on the computer. However, these recommendations vary depending on the computer used. It may vary depending on the use of onboard and external sound card.

Here are our recommendations for using 2 headphones on the computer:

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Do not tamper with the settings on your computer

Multiple uses with external programs

Using a separator

How to use 2 headphones at the same time on the computer

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On our computer, we need to let applications do the volume control.

In the Search line in the Start area, type Adjust volume and click the relevant option.

Continue with Change other sound settings.

Click on the options in the titles Playback and Recording and check the necessary settings.

In the example usage, double click on Playback and Speaker / headphone option, go to Advanced heading and check the option named “Applications take priority of this device”.

Another option is to be ticked in the so-called “Exclusive mode apps” option.

The above process should also be applied in the same way from the Registry area.

image 4
How to use two earphones at once on the computer
image 5
How to use two earphones at once on the phone

Handling with audio utilities

Our recommendation utility is VB Audio Software. Of course, you may also want to take advantage of similar applications. However, we strongly recommend that you use the auxiliary tool you choose by looking at the user comments.

If the sound driver and devices are detected when you run the program, the necessary options will appear as headphones one and headphones two. Pair devices and adjust other sound settings. There is a possibility that you will come across the same separate options as audio input and output.

Using multiple headsets using assistive tools

If you have made the necessary adjustments to your system, but you are having problems with the sound, there are USB splitters or audio multipliers. For these, we recommend that you do research on sales points or on Google. It is possible to use one as a USB and the other as a wireless headset.

Audio driver issues

Sound driver problems are encountered in every system. Sometimes an update to the operating system causes this, sometimes the sound driver is updated or there are driver conflicts. There are a number of methods for accurate testing of these. In this title, we would like to talk about them without going into details.

First of all, we recommend using system restore, which is the best method without messing with anything. Changing it back to a date where the problem didn’t exist is the best option.

If our suggestion above did not work, then uninstall the sound driver and restart your computer. If it doesn’t automatically install the sound driver, then install it manually or with a sound program. Depending on the situation, we recommend that you try by connecting external devices.

Note: We recommend that you install using the program of your sound card. Thus, a sound-related control panel will be added. Remember, you may be asked to restart the system in each operation.

Using an external sound card

There are times when you need expert support with sound issues. In case you don’t want to pay the computer guy, then another best suggestion is to use a USB sound card. For this, you do the necessary searches using Google. Of course, before buying, it is important to look at the reviews of the users.

Bluetooth device usage

Of course, it will be healthier to try it on external headphones during use. USB and wireless headphones. If your computer does not have Bluetooth, it is possible to purchase a USB-connectable Bluetooth device and use it in this way.

We hope we gave the right answer to the question of how to use two headphones at the same time.

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