5 Ways to Fix the “No Battery Is Detected” Error on Laptop

The message "No battery detected on the computer" appears from time to time on laptops that have not been charged for a long time.

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No Battery Is Detected: Here are some of the most logical options for the “Laptop battery not detected” issue that we’re sharing in this article. Our suggested solutions include steps that will offer about a 50% resolution.

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One of the topics we’ve come across for a long time is battery technology. We’ve encountered the news of many studies in this field. Although significant efforts have been made to address the issue of insufficient battery life, it seems that the current situation may not be entirely satisfying. However, we have seen that next-generation systems consume less power, naturally leading to longer battery life. Now, let’s get to the main topic of our article.

What Does “Laptop Battery Not Detected” Mean, and What Are the Reasons?

The battery is one of the essential components of a laptop, especially when you’re in places without access to electricity or on the go. Longer battery life can often be the ideal choice for laptop users. However, sensitive computers may experience various issues for a variety of reasons. Among these issues, the problem of the laptop not detecting the battery can sometimes become quite frustrating. Various methods and techniques are available to address these problems. When the “Laptop battery not detected” message appears on your screen, restarting your computer and following the steps provided below might be sufficient to resolve the issue.

Laptops are an integral part of our daily lives due to their portability and convenience. However, laptop users may occasionally encounter issues like “Laptop Battery Not Detected.” This type of error means that the device’s battery is not being properly recognized or detected. To understand this relatively uncommon problem, let’s take a look at potential causes:

  1. The battery hasn’t been charged for a long time.
  2. Issues with the battery driver.
  3. Problems with the operating system.
  4. Physical damage from impact or dropping.
  5. Battery reaching the end of its lifespan.

Note: When computer users are unable to resolve this issue on their own, they can seek assistance from a computer service provider.

Laptop Battery Not Detected Error

Computers are essential tools in workplaces worldwide. However, even computers that run continuously may experience issues due to various reasons. While it may not be the most critical problem, the “battery not detected” issue is a relatively common one. This situation often brings about problems related to both the computer and the battery. In cases of a battery not being recognized on computer screens, it may be necessary to replace the batteries present in the system. As mentioned above, when such a message is encountered, users should try turning the device off and on to see if the problem is resolved. The issue of a battery not being detected in computer devices can be addressed with these details. When users cannot resolve this issue on their own, they can also seek help from computer service providers.

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Laptop battery not detected

Solutions for the Laptop Battery Not Detected Error

The combination of the words “bilgi” and “sayar” gives rise to computer devices, which are preferred by individuals of all ages. However, computer devices can experience various problems. The battery located in the general housing of the computer device contributes to its faster operation. In this context, the “battery not detected” error is one of the most common issues. When computer users encounter this message on their screens, they can address this problem through various methods. The most notable detail in this context is the replacement of the batteries present in the computer.

1-Laptop Battery Not Detected: Best Recommendation – Uninstalling the Driver

Not long ago, a relative of ours had a similar issue. In their case, the battery was not charging even though it was connected. This was because they rarely used the battery. The issue here is that if the battery’s energy drains and remains in this state for a long time, it either reaches the end of its lifespan or requires a minor fix.

When you face the issue of your computer not charging the battery or the laptop battery not being detected, the first step to take is to uninstall the battery-related driver.

Removing the Laptop Battery Driver

To do this, you need to access the Device Manager. Click on the battery-related options in the Device Manager, and choose to uninstall the driver. Then, restart your computer.

We recommend trying to install rare updated drivers. However, the above steps should resolve the issue.

For Windows 10 and Windows 11 users, they can easily access the Device Manager by typing “Device Manager” in the search bar if they wish.

Updating the Drivers

In the previous recommendation, the aim was to trigger the driver update. If your computer’s official website still offers model support, use the latest drivers on their site. Otherwise, download from a trusted source on the internet.

In the case of driver issues, viruses, and system problems, the best course of action is to perform a system restore. For this, we recommend checking out our article on Windows 11 system restoration.

It’s essential to select a day when there were no issues during system restores. Otherwise, you’ll still encounter the same problem.

The last thing to do for those facing the issue of the computer not detecting the battery is to seek help from technical services. The battery may need a jolt or replacement.

3- Not Using the Battery for a Long Time

In such a situation, sometimes leaving it on charge for hours can provide a solution. However, if this process doesn’t work, you may need to jolt the battery.

4- General Steps for Laptop Battery Not Detected

1. Inspection of physical issues: One of the most common reasons for a laptop battery not being detected is a lack of physical connection. The connection between the battery and the laptop may be loose, dusty, or corroded. Additionally, physical damage such as drops or impacts that harm the electrical contacts in the battery or the laptop can also cause this issue.

2. Pay attention to driver issues: Your computer’s operating system has the necessary drivers to recognize the laptop battery. However, drivers can sometimes cause a battery not to be detected when they are not updated or have been accidentally deleted.

3. Check the BIOS settings: The BIOS of laptops is an essential system software that manages hardware configuration. Misconfigured or outdated BIOS settings can cause battery detection issues.

4. Consider battery life and damage: Batteries wear out over time and lose their efficiency. If the battery has reached the end of its lifespan or is damaged, it is a possible cause of not being detected.

5. Examine software issues: In some cases, software conflicts or errors on your system can lead to battery detection problems.


Check physical connections: Make sure that the laptop battery and the battery slot on the laptop are clean and securely connected. If there is dust, dirt, or corrosion, gently clean it.

Update drivers: Check the laptop battery driver on your computer and make sure it is up to date. If necessary, download and install the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

Check BIOS settings: Ensure that BIOS settings are correctly configured. Before making any changes, carefully review BIOS settings and make the necessary adjustments.

Consider replacing the battery: If the battery has reached the end of its life or is damaged, you may want to consider purchasing a new battery.

Address software issues: If software conflicts or errors are causing battery detection problems, perform a virus scan or make the necessary software fixes.

5. Battery Test and Seek Professional Support If Necessary

To test if your battery will work, you can try it on another computer, or try another battery in your computer.

If none of the above solutions work or your laptop still doesn’t detect the battery, consider seeking professional technical support. Authorized service centers or computer experts can diagnose and perform repair procedures for more complex issues.

Remember that the “laptop battery not detected” error can have various causes and solutions may vary. It’s essential to follow the steps carefully to diagnose your issue and apply the appropriate solution according to your needs.

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