Online Education In The Universities And Advantage

Online Education In The Universities

Online Education In The Universities And Things As An Advantage Or Disadvantage.


Covid-19 has a huge impact on every person, it causes a lot of changes in every industry. In education, a lot of schools as well as universities choose to give their education online to the student in order not to spread the virus fast. In this essay, I am going to talk about the online education what appear and disappear for advantage and disadvantages of higher education.

Every country and most universities have a different way to teach, sometimes it can be easily turned into classroom teaching to online teaching without problems. However, a big part of universities does not have technological materials at all. Because of that, it is hard to change the education type classroom online for both teachers and students. Lack of technological information can cause big problems in education. The quarantine period instantly came into our lives therefore, university platforms were not ready for all the students to start using the website at the same time.

Online Education in Universities and its importance

There are some advantages to online education. For example, with covid-19, a lot of books, course material, research reports, etc. are made accessible to the public. People can easily take courses from everywhere in the world for free. Some free seminars are happening and everyone can get into the seminars with just a code. People used to book flight tickets and hotels for participating in a seminar. In quarantine, you elude the payment for participating seminars, now it’s just one code and you in!

To sum up, the fast change in classroom education to online education caused some technical issues, however, teachers and students will overcome this situation together, for the sake of better education.

In short, Online Education in Universities has moved to a different dimension with the pandemic.

Online Education In The Universities 2
Online Education In The Universities And Advantage

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