Quality drops when sending WhatsApp videos

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We think this content is of interest to some WhatsApp users. We think that almost most of them have noticed the problem that the quality decreases when sending WhatsApp videos. We have shared a post about this in Turkish before.

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The general suggestions we have added to our article include solution steps for many applications.

WhatsApp video quality drops

We think that many users with good cameras realize this. We think that other users act with the belief that it is probably related to camera quality. In fact, this quality decreases in many transmission channels. When uploading a video you took with the sample camera to YouTube, the video quality will decrease. A method we call compression causes this. Plus, image losses that occur during transmission are also encountered in every period.

While using any service, it suffers more or less quality losses due to the fact that the video is loaded faster or is processed on the relevant platform while uploading. This applies to other messaging apps as well as this app. For this, we recommend that you take a look at the link below.


How to send iPhone video without losing quality

We strongly recommend that you take advantage of the AirDrop feature for sending from iPhone to iPhone. For this, it will be enough to look at our news called audio sharing on iPhone. This recommendation is given in response to the question of how to send iPhone video without degrading its quality.

Select the relevant video and tap the send icon at the bottom left. Then tap on the option named More in the picture tutorial above.

If AirDrop is output, tap that too. Then, in the next section that will be opened, the device information of the other party will be seen. Tap on it and start sending. Note that both devices must have Bluetooth turned on.

In short, you need to stay away from such applications while sending the videos you shoot. Of course, if the resulting image loss is not of great importance to you. Some pay attention to this.

If you are going to send via WhatsApp, then definitely maximize the quality of the footage and shoot it that way and then send it. When you do this, you will see that there is no noticeable loss. https://www.andronova.net

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Quality drops when sending WhatsApp videos

Sending without degrading video quality on Android

Again, we recommend that you take advantage of the intermediary applications used for this operating system. Fast file transfer is done on devices connected to the same WiFi network. We recommend that those who cannot operate in the device itself, try it with an auxiliary application.

Warning: Pay attention to the shares uploaded and made on the internet. We recommend that you do not share images that are private for you or your relatives using these media.

Suggestions for problems with the WhatsApp app

We’ve included below some of the steps to take for WhatsApp video sending and some issues.

Restart suggestion: We have seen many times that usually, restarting smart devices solves many problems. Turn off your device and wait for a while after turning it on.

Problems with internet connections: You need an internet connection to use the WhatsApp application. Therefore, from time to time you face all sorts of issues due to connection related issues. We recommend that those who use their device with mobile data also try it with WiFi. Check whether you are online and do the necessary test with the situation.

Making WhatsApp updates: If your application is not up to date, it can cause many features to not work properly. Of course, this rarely happens. If you are using the application with an updated version, try it with previous versions.

Checking device settings: Check if power saving mode and airplane mode options are turned on on your device. Plus take a look at the access permissions.

Beware of installed applications: We strongly recommend that those who use the protection application try to disable this application. Plus, it is always possible for the installed applications to affect another application.

Checking whether there is a virus: One of the problems that comes to our mind in problems for all kinds of use is the possibility of being infected. This both slows down the device and causes problems in the running of applications. Check your device with an up-to-date antivirus application and an application with online scanning.

Clearing cache, data and updates: It is one of the important options that we apply as a solution in some rare cases. It is a really useful option. For you to use it, let’s go to the area we call Settings on the phone and touch the option written WhatsApp. Then check the options in it and run the one that suits you.

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