Recover deleted TikTok videos without software

TikTok silinen videoları geri alma

It happens that some users immediately try to restore deleted TikTok videos. You see that they are defrauded by getting paid support services. In our news, we talked about the methods you can try to get the deleted video back.

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From time to time, there are moments when things that are important to us are erased in unexpected situations. When we make decisions that we panic and cause bigger problems. Stopping here and thinking maybe will offer us the best solution. But it happens that bad things make us feel worse.

In this content, we will talk about what we need to do to restore deleted videos in social applications. Normally, some applications have sections that are deleted in their own content. We think that in this network, we will also have the opportunity to access the backup of the data and see these deleted ones.

How to get TikTok deleted videos back?

We recommend that you stay away from applications and sites used to restore deleted videos. There are a few things you can do, and you won’t find the word certainty in them either.

In the past, there were platforms that pulled content from social networks. We used to encounter mixed shares in these places. The shares in the content were generally taken from the accounts that were open to the outside. Once you see, a video or photo about your family is on these sites.

We still do not know if these platforms are active. But if you search, it might be helpful. In such places, it is sufficient to search by typing either your content or your username in the search field.

Recover Deleted TikTok videos from the app

To do this, enter the lined field in your profile
Skip to “Settings privacy”
Manage account and then “Download your data”

Recover deleted TikTok videos without software

If there is no data you want in the relevant field, then you can probably get help by using the support section of the application.

How to retrieve deleted videos if you don’t have an account

By touching the question mark of the application, it is sufficient to send a request through a suitable title. With the plus browser, there is an area where you can give feedback on From there, look for an appropriate title. Otherwise, submit your application with the option named “other” in an approximate title.

The application provides an option for you to visually add additional information for understanding. With this option, the requester adds the things that will be evidence to the application.

Using data recovery app

Tools used in data recovery are also among the searched words here. There is currently no method of data recovery in social applications. However, on which device the video you shared was shared, you will most likely be able to retrieve the data on that device.

By connecting the relevant phone to the computer, the requester tries to access the deleted videos with a useful data recovery program.

Recover deleted TikTok videos without software is prepared for general information purposes.

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