TikTok Video Not Playing

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We will discuss what actions should be taken for the TikTok video not playing error.

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Occasionally, negative events on social networks arise due to issues with the user, internet connection, or technical problems with the application developer. In this article, you will find a general list of these issues.

Before we move on to the article, here are some general headings you can try:

  • Use different connection types for internet testing. (Try WiFi and mobile data separately)
  • Try from a different device and computer.
  • We also recommend testing with VPN and DNS.
  • Try with another account or someone else’s account if available.

TikTok Video Not Playing Error and Solutions

One of the problems that TikTok users are bothered by is that some videos are not played or played in general. This problem may arise due to technical problems that occur while using the TikTok application or the internet connection of your device. In this article, we will discuss the solutions for the TikTok video not playing error.

Check Your Internet Connection

The TikTok application requires a fast internet connection to play videos. Videos may not play due to slow or interrupted internet connections. Therefore, first check your internet connection and try playing TikTok videos by providing a fast internet connection.

Restart the TikTok App

Restarting the TikTok app can resolve minor technical issues in the application. First, close the TikTok app completely and then try reopening it.

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Update the TikTok App

If you are using an old version of the TikTok application, the video not playing problem can usually be solved by updating the application. If your TikTok app has not updated, go to the app store and perform the update.

Restart Your Device

Some technical issues with your device may cause TikTok videos not to play. Therefore, you can easily solve many technical problems by restarting your device. Turn off your device and try the TikTok app again after turning it back on.

Refresh the Discover Page

The TikTok Discover page shows the most popular videos in the application. However, an abnormal loading or refresh of the Discover page can cause TikTok videos not to play. Therefore, you can refresh the Discover page. Go to the TikTok Discover page and swipe the page down to refresh it.

Uninstall and Reinstall the TikTok App

If the TikTok app still cannot play videos and the above mentioned solutions did not work, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the application.

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TikTok Video Not Playing

What to do on your phone

Try using a browser. Depending on the situation, try with other networks. For example, Instagram Reels will be the best testing tool.

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Clear cache and data: If you have an Android phone, you can do this by going to Settings and selecting TikTok under the Applications heading.

For iOS users: Go to the Reset and Transfer option under General and reset the Network Settings.

Issues with Accounts

When it comes to this topic, the possible reasons usually include the account owner being penalized or falling into a suspicious situation. Test by entering the profile and trying to change something.

In suspicious and systemic temporary situations, we recommend that you do not use the account in any way for a while. For an hour or a whole day.

Also, try switching your account to a business account. You can always switch back when you want to.

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TikTok Video Not Playing Error

Reporting a Problem

You can take a few steps to fix any issues with the TikTok app. By following these steps, you can continue using the app smoothly. However, if the problems persist, you may need to contact the app developers.

TikTok Help Center

The TikTok Help Center is a resource center created to answer your questions about the app. To access the TikTok Help Center, click on your profile icon in the TikTok app, and then go to the Settings section. Here, select the “Help and Support” option and choose the relevant category to search for the answer to your question. You can also directly contact TikTok by using the “Contact Us” option.

TikTok Support Email

The TikTok support email is an email address you can use to report any issues with the app. To contact TikTok, go to the app settings and select the “Help and Support” option. Then, select the “Contact Us” option and access the TikTok Support email address. You can contact TikTok using this email address.

TikTok Social Media Accounts

TikTok has official accounts on various social media platforms, and you can contact TikTok through these accounts. TikTok has official social media accounts on many popular platforms. By going to TikTok’s social media accounts, you can share your issues or suggestions.

TikTok Community Guidelines

TikTok Community Guidelines are created as a resource center to explain the rules and policies of the app. By reviewing the TikTok Community Guidelines, you can learn about the rules and policies of the app. Additionally, if you have any issues or complaints about the app, you can follow the guidelines stated in the TikTok Community Guidelines to contact TikTok.

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