TV says no signal on some channels

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It says there is no signal on some channels on the TV and we have dealt with this issue in a different way before. In this article, we will address the problem of no signal on some channels.

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We come across calls saying that there is no signal on some channels on the TV. First of all, there is a wide chain of possible causes as the signal problem is related to the dish antenna, LNB, cable and satellite receiver.

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This problem is more common in the winter months. However, we see that it is rarely encountered in the summer months. The biggest factor that causes this is the multiple reasons such as cracks in the cable, liquid contacts and cable crushes. But still, it is not a common situation in the summer months.

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No signal on some channels

As we mentioned above, the most common times are the winter months. It is frequently experienced in snowy, rainy and extremely windy weather. In snowy weather, there is no signal warning on the channels because the inner surface of your satellite dish is covered with snow.

Conditions that cause possible no signal problem

1- Cable quality

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It is among the reasons that affect the low signal quality. Plus, in extreme cold or hot weather, the cable wears out and its outer surface gradually begins to flake or soften. In this case, it causes a decrease in broadcast quality. Of course, it prepares the ground for liquid contact.

2- Playing on the dish antenna

This situation is mostly related to the placement of the dish antenna. Dish antennas that are not mounted on solid places are more likely to gouging in extremely windy weather. Apart from that, the dish antenna has a certain lifespan depending on the quality and wear.

3- Problem with connectors

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Corrosion or poor quality of the connectors again causes a certain level drop.

From time to time, there is no signal on some channels on the TV due to connector-related problems.

image 11
TV says no signal on some channels

4- Incorrect or shifted LNB direction

The LBN direction seriously affects the signal level. Usually the cable entry is downwards. If you do not have a signal measuring device, one person stays next to the television and another person increases this level by playing with the LNB. This is done by selecting a channel or entering the general satellite setting field.

image 10
Smart TV says no signal on some channels

5- Indoor or outdoor problems

In central or decentralized places, there is a decrease in the signal due to cable wear and different reasons over time. This is common, mostly in older buildings. For testing, it is necessary to try with another port or cable. Of course, it should also be applied by changing the satellite receiver.

Recommendations for No signal on some channels on TV

Solution suggestions for the signal problem are as follows:

We recommend that you read all of the above. Then try your dish antenna by connecting another satellite receiver to your TV, if you have one.

Those who have an external satellite receiver can test their device at their neighbor or satellite receiver vendors.

Check the LNB direction. Where the cable goes in will face the bottom.

Check if there is play in the dish antenna. When the above is tried, if it is clear that it is related to the bowl, make some slight changes in the bowl.

Check the cable entries. Depending on the situation, remove it and open a terminal again and make the connection again.

If the cable has a splice, connect with a non splice cable. Or make a conductive part connection for the attachment.

If your cable is not too long, it will affect the quality of the signal. If there is not much distance between the dish and the TV, get your cable short and of good quality.

Let’s come to the question of how the satellite works.

Satellites orbit the Earth at a certain speed and thus stay at a fixed point around the Earth. The name given to this point is called “geostationary”. The operation of satellites is affected by gravitational forces as they orbit the Earth. These forces keep the satellites at a fixed point around the Earth. The orbits of the satellites are in the same direction as the Earth’s orbit and revolve around the Earth’s orbit. For this reason, satellites stay at a fixed point around the Earth’s orbit and revolve around the Earth.

Some of the satellite usage areas

Satellites are used in many fields. Some of these areas are:

Weather forecast: Satellites can be used to forecast the weather. By measuring weather conditions, satellites can make weather forecasts.

Space exploration: Satellites can be used for space exploration. For example, satellites can study planets and other bodies in the Solar System and gather information.

Telecommunications: Satellites can be used for telecommunication purposes. For example, satellites can make phone calls and data transfers.

Updating and mapping: Satellites can be used for updating and mapping. For example, satellites can create maps by collecting geographic information from different parts of the Earth.

The TV says there is no signal on some channels, our content is here.

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