Unable to get facebook username error

Yazar Andronova

When you want to open a Facebook account, do you see the error “Facebook username cannot be obtained”? Users who get a page rendering error need to review the last thing they did.

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As a social media user for many years, this is the first time we have encountered such a problem. In other words, we encountered different and similar things, but we saw this text for the first time.

As far as we understand after the trials we have done, it is a problem caused by not filling in the missing fields or something we do frequently creates an obstacle.

Why can’t get facebook username

The Facebook page name cannot be retrieved, mostly because the missing fields are not filled in. However, trying to open accounts frequently from the same internet and devices also creates this obstacle.

  • The case of non-approval due to the fact that those who try to open a page on a new account do not verify their accounts.
  • Trust issue in the creation of the page. Missing fields in this verification or becoming suspicious of personal information.
  • Not filling in contact information with the field about the page.
  • Restriction of suspicious persons or numbers. We encountered this recently. We created an account and because it represents an institution, the page was closed due to lack of necessary verification.
  • Imitation of institutions and brands. General detection or reporting to Facebook by the other party.

Areas to look for Facebook username acquisition problem

It will suffice to consider the above. Our suggestion will be to fill in the page information and add and verify the mobile phone number in addition. However, an important point that we recommend you to pay attention to here is to check whether the number you will add is used through another account. This is important so that you don’t run into a problem leading to removal from the other account.

It is recommended that those who constantly encounter the same problem change their information, internet, device and e-mail addresses and try them. In the perception of the suspect, there is sometimes a transaction barrier for a day or longer.

Some of the links to use in the question:

  • facebook.com/recover/initiate/?ars=facebook_login
  • facebook.com/help/contact/357439354283890
  • facebook.com/help/contact/283958118330524

With the option to add screenshots in the application area, identity confirmation and problem screenshots are added. T.C. It is recommended that they hide the ID number and serial number.

image 4
Unable to get facebook username error

Those who try to close the previous account and open a new one

Users who fall into the situation in the title sometimes encounter obstacles when they try to open an account. In such a case, they are seeking to close the account.

The transactions made by those who cannot reach their accounts every period are similar to each other. We see that those who can’t get their account in any way want to close their accounts by complaining to others. In fact, it is possible for those who open an account with their real identity information to close their accounts by using identity images here.

Unable to get facebook username error It is an excerpt from a general news article.

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