WhatsApp language change English

WhatsApp dil değiştirme

For WhatsApp language change English problem, first turn your phone off and on. Then, investigate whether different users have encountered the same situation.

WhatsApp has changed the language by itself, how is it possible to do it in English? When WhatsApp language change happens by itself, the first thing that comes to our mind is that there is either an update or a problem on the software side.

With our news, we would like to explain how to change the WhatsApp language with general headings. The language problem is not common, but maybe every 2-3 years, it happens in this application.

The WhatsApp language changed problem was experienced after a period of work. A similar situation was experienced in a different application of the company. In it, an additional option was placed in the language section. It was temporarily used with this option.

WhatsApp language changed problem on iPhone

As the operations we do concern iOS users, similar operations are carried out within the Android system. But our focus is iPhone users.

You will reach the language options with these steps:

  • For iOS, you will enter the “General” option in the device’s settings.
  • Switch to the field marked “Language and region”. Edit the language configuration found in the field.
  • Those using an external keyboard application will need to uninstall this application.

What to try on WhatsApp language change problem

The following picture shows the steps to be applied according to the device system. In case of WhatsApp language not changing problem, check the next topic.

WhatsApp language change English

It is recommended to go back to previous versions when there are problems with the updated applications. It means that it is related to the device or the relevant version.

One of the things we do in case of version conflicts in applications is to try by removing the applications we have installed.

App updates issue

Compatibility issues that occur in software versions of a rare problem in application updates. This usually happens more often with older models. However, there is a confusing situation, which is the end of the version support of the devices. There isn’t much left to do here. We need to move on to alternative methods or practices. Of course, after trying with other application versions.

One of the methods to try for apps is to remove cache, data and updates. This should be tried both on the phone and in the application, if there is an option.


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