Windows 11 shuts down by itself

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The computer shuts down by itself problem usually occurs in either the operating system or hardware failures. In this article, we will talk about the Windows 11 shutting down error.

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The most common cause of computer shutdown is virus infection and hardware problems. In the hardware, the fan is not working properly, the parts are overheating, the contact is out and one of the parts needs to be replaced.

We leave a list of the factors that come to the fore in system failures below. Before we forget, we have no claim that it is one of them.

Why Windows 11 shuts down by itself

  1. Sometimes the system slows down due to virus infection and sometimes it restarts on its own. Infected viruses have many purposes. Other than data theft, the system is forced to be used for different purposes.
  2. Problems caused by later installed programs or discarded files.
  3. Effect of hard disk failures on the system.
  4. The files that enable the system to boot are causing problems or have been deleted.
  5. Problems caused by incorrect system configuration.
  6. Fans in the hardware not working properly.
  7. Conditions that cause a short circuit.
  8. Incorrect hardware drivers are installed.

Repairing a computer that crashed Windows 11

Before proceeding, we need to find out what is causing this problem. It is necessary that we try the steps for what we are going to do. Sample infected systems are checked both with the program and with virus scanning tools over the internet. Depending on the situation, the operation is carried out with the cleaning tool loaded on the flash memory at system startup.

If you have damaged system files or your system is working with problems, either Windows 11 system restore will be run or reinstallation will be started from the system recovery partition.

Those who want to check the hardware

Get help from programs that test hardware. If you have a plug-in hardware depending on the situation, then the relevant parts need to be tested with other parts.

Among the parts to be tested, mostly the fan, RAM, disk and video card should be tested.

Windows 11 reinstallation or recovery repair

In this topic, you can use the option of keeping your files without deleting them, or you can continue on your way by installing from scratch.

You will reach the relevant section by typing recovery in the search field. Then just follow the necessary instructions.

You will reach two options regarding the illustrated narration we have added below. The protection or deletion of the above-mentioned files will be achieved by using the relevant section. Regardless, it will be healthier to take the backup to another disk beforehand.

image 6
Windows 11 shuts down by itself

In summary, for Windows 11 shuts down by itself, the recommendation would be hardware testing, running system restore, or starting a fresh install.

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