Windows 12 upgrade update in 2024

Windows 12 güncellemesi

Windows 12 upgrade update details are slowly taking shape. According to rumors, the transition to the new operating system will begin in 2024. Of course, it is not clear news, but I think that we will encounter studies in beta form in 2023.

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I remember that Microsoft announced that they would no longer release a new operating system after Windows 10. In fact, in the details of the statement, it was said that only Windows 10-related versions will continue. However, although the current version will continue to be developed, it was quickly decided to continue with Windows 11. It seems that the company realized that its previous decision did not make much sense. Maybe he changed his mind because of the innovation expectations of the users and the company had difficulties in fitting the innovations that they would bring to the current version.

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Windows 12 update date

Windows Central is making a statement that Microsoft is returning to a 3-year release cycle again. Accordingly, the next major version is expected to be released in 2024.

Windows Central, Microsoft’un tekrar 3 yıllık bir sürüm döngüsüne geri döndüğünü bildiriyor. Buna göre, bir sonraki ana sürümün 2024’te piyasaya sürülmesi bekleniyor.

For a while, Windows 10 was said to be the last operating system. As you know, with an official statement from Microsoft, this information became clear and took its place in the memories. However, unexpectedly, signals were being given that a new system was needed gradually.

According to another claim, Microsoft decided to regularly update Windows 11 for the coming years immediately after the introduction of Windows 12. According to this thesis, the next update of Windows 11 22H2 may be released in the last month of this year.

So how to install Windows 12

We hope that the transition will be provided free of charge over the existing versions. Of course, the hardware requirement will be in the foreground. Users whose systems are not compatible will overcome this situation with some methods, as in the previous version.

  • Switching with the update option on computers
  • Migration using the Windows 12 upgrade tool
  • Installing by downloading Windows 12 and transferring it to a CD or flash disk
Windows 12 upgrade update in 2024

Windows 12 installation problems

Those who have Windows 12 installation problems will need to go for a clean install. By moving the backup of the system to another area, the transition to the required installation will be healthier. We think that the tactics used in the current version will work for those who have problems with hardware requirements.

We did not want to finish our article without stating this. In general, it is seen that the released versions do not sit for a while. If we remember, it took a long time for Windows 10 to run smoothly. It seems that it is still not widespread in Windows 11.

The Windows 12 upgrade update is not clear for now. However, I think we will encounter a few important news from next year.

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