YouTube Videos Not Opening (Solution in 9 Titles)

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You will find the most suitable options for the problem of YouTube videos not opening in this content. This information is relevant for both iPhone and Android users.

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The issue of YouTube videos not opening is encountered occasionally in many smart devices due to internet service providers. The problem you are currently experiencing might be related to your location or the internet connection you are using. To understand this, it is essential to try different connections. For example, you should try using mobile data and Wi-Fi separately.

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Problem: YouTube Videos Not Opening

There can be various reasons for YouTube videos not playing or loading. Let’s examine the most important reasons for this problem in more detail:

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  1. Web Browser Issues: In most cases, problems with YouTube videos not playing can stem from incompatibility with your web browser. When you are not using the latest version of your browser or there are issues with the browser cache, videos might not load. Updating your browser or clearing the cache can solve such problems.
  2. Internet Connection Issues: A slow or unstable internet connection can result in YouTube videos loading slowly or not playing at all. Check your internet connection and ensure that your speed is sufficient to load videos smoothly.
  3. YouTube Server Problems: Occasionally, YouTube experiences server issues, causing videos not to load or play. In such cases, there’s not much users can do, as it’s usually resolved by the YouTube team.
  4. Device Issues: If your computer or smartphone has hardware or software problems, YouTube videos might not work correctly. In such situations, updating your device or seeking technical support can be beneficial.
  5. Adobe Flash Absence: Especially on older systems, the absence of the Adobe Flash Player plugin can prevent YouTube videos from playing. However, it’s important to note that Adobe Flash is no longer supported and has been replaced by HTML5.
  6. Browser Extensions or Restrictions: Certain browser extensions or security software can hinder the proper loading of YouTube videos. You can try disabling such extensions or removing them if necessary.
  7. Mobile App Issues: The YouTube app for smartphones can also cause problems. Keeping the app updated or uninstalling and reinstalling it when needed can solve issues.
  8. DNS Issues: Occasionally, there can be issues with DNS (Domain Name System) settings that affect the loading of YouTube videos. Adjusting your DNS settings to use automatic or a reliable service provider can be helpful.
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YouTube Videos Not Opening

YouTube Videos Won’t Open Solution

Fixing YouTube Videos Not Playing: Steps to Take First, we recommend trying a different internet connection, mobile device, or computer. Then, proceed with the following:

  1. Try a Different Web Browser: If your YouTube videos still won’t play, the issue might be related to your current browser. Many users have reported solving the issue by using a different browser. For instance, if you’re experiencing problems with Google Chrome, you can try using browsers like Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Opera.
  2. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies: Browser cache and cookies can accumulate over time, hindering proper website functionality. You can clear your browser’s cache and delete cookies from the browser settings.
  3. Update/Reinstall Your Web Browser: Using an outdated version of your browser can cause compatibility issues. Update your browser, or if the problem persists, consider uninstalling and reinstalling it.
  4. Check Your Network Connection: Network connection problems could be the underlying cause for YouTube videos not playing. Visit other websites to verify if your internet connection is working properly.
  5. Restart Your Computer: Temporary issues with your computer might prevent YouTube videos from loading. Restart your computer to potentially resolve the problem.
  6. Directly Download YouTube Videos: If other methods fail, consider downloading YouTube videos directly and playing them on your computer. This allows you to watch videos without being affected by internet connection issues.

By following these steps, you can identify and resolve the source of your issue. Every situation might be different, so trying each step individually to troubleshoot will be the best approach.

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If YouTube is Having Issues on Your Computer: Some users have reported that YouTube videos started working properly after updating the Windows operating system. Therefore, checking for available updates and performing necessary Windows updates can be a good step. This process can help address issues in the current version. To check for updates, go to “Settings” > “Update & Security” > “Check for Updates” from the Start menu.

Consider applying system restore steps to revert the system to a date when the issue wasn’t present.

Check YouTube Itself

If you’ve tried the above methods and are still experiencing issues, consider that the problem might be with YouTube itself. To assess this, you can try the following steps:

Option 1: If you’re watching YouTube videos on a computer, use your mobile device to open the YouTube app and check if the videos play smoothly. If you encounter the same issue on your mobile device, it might indicate a general problem with YouTube.

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Option 2: If you’re watching YouTube videos on your mobile device, use your computer to open YouTube and see if the videos play correctly.

By following these steps, you can better understand the source of the issue and take steps closer to a solution. If you experience the same issue on both devices, it’s likely that there is a broader issue with YouTube, and in that case, there might not be an immediate solution other than waiting.

YouTube Not Opening on Mobile

What to Do If YouTube Videos Aren’t Opening on Mobile?

There can be various reasons behind YouTube videos not playing on your mobile. Here are steps that might help you in your troubleshooting:

Restart Your Phone: Technical issues can often be resolved with a simple restart. Turn your phone off and then back on to see if the issue persists.

Connect to a Different Wi-Fi Network: Internet connection problems can interfere with proper YouTube video playback. Connect your phone to a different Wi-Fi network or use mobile data to see if the issue is related to your internet connection.

Clear YouTube App Cache: Cache is a type of temporary storage used to make apps run faster. However, over time, this data can become corrupted. On Android, you can clear the cache by going to Settings > Apps > YouTube > Storage > Clear Cache.

Reinstall the YouTube App: There might be an installation or file issue with the app. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the YouTube app. Then, open the app to see if videos play properly.

Update Android or iOS Version: An outdated operating system can cause compatibility problems. Check for the latest updates by going to Settings > Software Update. For iPhones, if you’re still having trouble after updating, you might consider resetting network settings under General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. For Android, you can try going to Apps > YouTube > Storage, and then Clear Cache and Clear Data. (Try each option one by one)

Check YouTube App Settings: Review the settings in the YouTube app and make necessary adjustments. Check the connection type for video playback and whether restricted mode is enabled.

Try Watching YouTube Videos in a Web Browser: If the YouTube app is problematic, you can try watching YouTube videos using your phone’s web browser.

Use a VPN App: To clarify whether there are any connection issues in your country, using a VPN can be helpful. This method can also help bypass connection restrictions.

Remember to try these steps separately for different devices like iPhones and different Android brands such as Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi.

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