How to fix TV no signal on satellite

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We occasionally get a warning message that there is no signal on the Samsung, Philips or LG TV. Of course, there is a variable problem message here as well. For example Smart TV shows weak or no signal error more often. Maybe this will change after software updates. But I think there is still such a text.

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There is no signal, TV users occasionally encounter it in weather conditions. Of course, in normal times, there are a number of possible causes. But in winter it is more related to weather conditions.

In this technology news, we will talk about what steps we should take towards the signal problem.

What do you mean no signal on tv?

No signal is known as the problem of not being able to reach the channels experienced in TV and satellite receivers. It mostly means that there is no connection between the satellite and the television. Of course, this is the answer to be given to users. However, in any situation where there is no access to the relevant channels in general, this problem is experienced. In other words, we also encounter problems related to the channels themselves.

The signal issue causes us to encounter a black screen on channels. If there is no signal on any or all channels, multiple reasons will come to our mind here. In the rest of the content, we will talk about possible causes and steps to provide solutions.

Causes of no signal problem

Technically, there are multiple reasons. However, we think that most of them will work because the steps we have taken in the possible reasons we have encountered before provide solutions.

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  • Displacement of the dish antenna due to weather conditions. There is also the possibility that this dish is related to the location of the antenna. There is a possibility of causing problems over time when a solid assembly is not made.
  • There are situations caused by LNB and cable. If you are using an example additional cable, it will most likely cause problems in liquid contact. Or there is a possibility of a short circuit.
  • Manipulation of satellite settings. Frequency change or selecting another satellite instead of hotbird.
  • The connectors attached to the cable ends need to be checked. Let’s check if there is a short circuit or contact problem.
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How to fix TV no signal on satellite

Necessary steps for the problem of no signal on the satellite

  • Our first suggestion would be to unplug the TV. If you have an external satellite receiver, unplug it.
  • If the place you are in for the test is an apartment, definitely ask your neighbors one by one to see if they have the same problem.
  • Let’s check the satellite settings. Is the correct satellite selected and are the frequencies correct?
  • Cables need to be checked. The ends should not touch each other.
  • If there is an additional cable, these cables should be tested. Our recommendation will always be to use a single cable. Plus, the signal level will be higher in short-distance cabling.
  • Let’s try another cable, if available.
  • If there is a satellite receiver device you can borrow, try it with them. Otherwise, if you are using an external satellite receiver, definitely try it on another dish. Neighbor or in places that sell satellite equipment.
  • Perform the initial setup again on devices with TKGS feature.
  • Perform the initial setup again on devices with TKGS feature. Initiate automatic and manual channel search on non-existent devices.

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