Which is the Lenovo ideapad bios boot menu key?

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Which is the Lenovo ideapad laptop setup boot menu key or with which keys do you enter the bios screen? Compared to other laptops, entering the Lenovo laptop bios screen is a bit complicated.

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Lenovo ideapad laptop’ ta bios ekranına girmek ve boot seçeneği ile açmak çoğu bilgisayarlardan farklı. Recovery tuşu, setup menü ve boot menü gibi bölümlere girmek için biraz uğraştırabiliyor. Aşağıda hangi tuşla nereye girileceğini resimli olarak gösterdik. Sorunuz olursa yorumlarınızı bekliyoruz. Tabi mantıklı olanları. 🙂

Lenova laptop bios key

Which keys should be pressed to enter the laptop bios screen? To enter the bios screen on a Lenovo ideapad laptop computer, you can press and hold the FN and F2 keys simultaneously.

  • You can turn it on with the FN and F2 keys while the computer's power cable is connected.
  • If it is not plugged in, the bios screen will most likely not open.

Which is the Lenovo ideapad bios boot menu key?Which is the Lenovo ideapad bios menu button?

Which is the Lenovo ideapad boot button?

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To boot with the Lenovo ideapad boot option, follow the order as follows.

  • Plug in the laptop. There must be an electrical connection.
  • As soon as you turn on the computer while it is off, press and release the FN and F12 keys simultaneously.
  • Information will appear on the screen if flash memory is installed. If installation is to be done with a CD, the CD screen will appear.

Which is the Lenovo ideapad boot button?Which is the Lenovo boot button?

If the flash memory is not visible, you can check out the news we have prepared in another article.

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