How to install APK on TCL Android TV

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How to install APK on TCL Android TV

How to install APK on TCL Android TV? In the content, we are talking about what kind of actions should be taken for the problem that the application is not installed on the television.

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Actually one of the most frequently asked questions would be how to install 3rd party apps on TCL Android TV. This question is asked for many Smart TVs.

TCL TV application installation is done from the “More applications” option that appears when you enter the section called Applications. Or you will reach the required area by touching the Google Play shortcut button. In order to download an application to TCL television, it will be enough to search for which application you want to download in the search field.

In the news, we will first give a brief explanation of how to download the TCL TV application, then we will find the answer to the problem of TCL TV application not installing.

TCL TV app install

TCL Android TV Google Play is among the options in the shortcut accesses on the home screen of the TV. The TV interface is the same on most models. In fact, the interfaces of many televisions and Android TV Box devices are similar to each other. However, some of them have partial translations in language options. You choose the Turkish language option, but some minor options still remain in English.

  • Open the app called Google Play.
  • Those who have a Google account, enter the necessary information in the relevant field. For those who do not have an account, an account opening is required. Our recommendation is to do this either from your phone or from a computer.
  • Sign in to the TV with your Gmail account. (Google Play)
  • Search and install the application or game you want to install.

TCL TV app won’t load

The TCL Android TV application cannot be installed problem varies from person to person. According to the user’s knowledge, this situation takes shape. If the person is not very familiar with technological devices, most likely the main source of the problem in the title is the person himself.

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Application issues on TCL television

The application usually appears in conflicts or problems with Google Play services. Of course, in the case of the following titles, it prevents the applications from working properly.

If Google Play and TV have a cache clearing option, let’s try clearing them separately.

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How to install APK on TCL Android TV

Date setting error on TV

Almost all smart devices experience a series of problems when the date is wrong. The example cannot connect to the internet or there is internet but not connecting problem.

Check your device’s date setting.

Not enough free space on the TV

Many problems arise from time to time due to not having enough storage space on the TV. It even causes the product to slow down excessively.

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Even if there is enough space, still free up space.

Installing software on TCL TV

We do not have clear information about the software of the products. However, the process for software updates is very simple: go to settings and find the option that starts with the update. Of course, if you are going to install the software from scratch, you can reach the relevant ROM from the internet or through the developer channel and follow the necessary steps by throwing it into the flash memory.

The above information includes general Android televisions and varies from model to model. Therefore, we recommend that you call the official support service of the product developer.

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