How to recover a TikTok account

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In this article, we will talk about the possibilities in our article, where we try to answer the question of how to get the TikTok closed account back.

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While addressing the issue first, this question is very important, whether our account was closed by the developer or we closed it ourselves. Our application depends on it. This is how we should handle it. Was your account closed or did you close it yourself, this is an important question. What kind of path to follow in order to contact the developer goes through this question first.

A few of the TikTok accounts to be applied to reach the deleted account are also related to how the account is closed. This result is important for you to apply by filling out the objection form. In the article, we will talk about how to get TikTok closed account back.

Reasons for deletion of accounts

Our priority is to get the deleted account back. People’s accounts are sometimes closed for different reasons, even though they are not related to them. If the user is right or faced with a legal situation, then it is necessary to send a support request to the network.

  • Accounts of users who do not comply with the rules will be blocked for a while or permanently.
  • Closing the use of stolen accounts due to illegality. As a result, users cannot do anything because they cannot get their accounts back.
  • They want to close the account because they cannot reach the e-mail or phone number used when opening the account. It is a common problem for those who sometimes turn off their numbers or make exchanges without thinking.
  • Problems caused by the inability of those who have problems in changing the number. This usually includes users who are not very tech-related.
  • Reasons for closure due to past use. Or, there are users who frequently close in engagement and marriage conversations. We see that a small number of users are looking for a way to apply because they want to use this account again.

Problems with number change

One of the problems caused by the number change is the request to be closed. Here, the user wants the account to be closed because he cannot access the account no matter what he does. The user wants to take back the content he deems important. But he saw that there is no turning back.

When there is a problem in changing the number on the network, the first thing that comes to mind of people is that the account has been stolen. But there is a protection system that even misunderstands you. For example, it may ask for a security code when logging into your account from a new phone that you have not used before. We think that if the code goes to the person’s old number, then the problem will get worse.

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The accounts of the users whose accounts are stolen are infected with many problems as soon as they happen. Here, TikTok asks people to use a security code to prevent such situations. This code usually comes to the phone number and e-mail address. If people have not combined their TikTok accounts with their e-mail addresses, the security code will only come to the phone number. If this code is not entered, no transaction will be performed on the account.

Application to get TikTok closed account back

First, let’s make this clear; social platforms have serious measures for the community. Between these measures, the account is sometimes restricted to temporary use, while the account has been permanently closed. The so-called community rules were not formed just like that. There are such substances among them that they do not even consider the persistent application of the user. There will even be a restriction on applications for that user name.

To reach TikTok: touch the question icon in the application and apply with the appropriate titles.

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How to recover a TikTok account

We also recommend using the link we left above. There is an option called “other” in a close title or a close title. When you enter this, the application will be completed by filling in the required fields.

Searching for an answer to the application

Our recommendation to those who want to receive a response to the application you send to the network support team, is to make a few more applications one week after you have submitted the application. The return event is expected in the first week and a re-application is required for accounts that have not been informed.

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How to recover a TikTok account the topic is purely newsworthy. Check out related articles for support.

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