iPhone apple logo coming and going

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In the past, some of the iPhone phones used to have the problem of iPhone apple logo coming and going during software installation. Things like this still happen, though not very often these days. When a new version was released, it would stay on the Apple logo during installation and go back and forth. We would either wait for a while or turn it off and on. However, interrupted installations sometimes require reinstallation.

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The iPhone logo appears when the phone is turned on or when the software is upgraded. If the logo keeps coming and going on the screen, it means that there is something incomplete or not right here.

iPhone logo keeps popping up

  • Battery problems on the phone.
  • Some of the applications used on the phone are causing problems.
  • Things that damage the system take place in the device. iOS is one of the most reliable systems, but vulnerabilities are rare.
  • Problems with software downloads. This is occurring during download or installation.
  • Insufficient storage space on the phone. In the installation of the software, free space is sufficient, but at a time when we call it tiptoe, something comes to the phone and becomes insufficient. Example videos from WhatsApp.

These are some of the reasons for the Apple logo to appear.

iPhone battery boot problems

There is always a possibility that processes will be interrupted due to battery problems. For example, you plugged your phone into the charger and then removed it from the charger while you were doing the update, or the charging connection was disconnected. If the charging power is insufficient for operations, the device will most likely not turn on. Re-installation needs to be started for solution. This will also be done using iTunes.

Solution for iPhone logo constantly coming and going

We have tried to answer many questions with past experience. Solution-oriented processes in the phone’s opening problem always vary according to the last thing the person did. We find a way by looking at what the person has done. However, no matter what happens, we always have an up-to-date backup.

Our first suggestion would be to wait without doing anything. Maybe if it takes an hour, we’ll wait. Maybe we should wait until the phone is discharged.

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Let’s hold the iPhone off button for a while.

Let’s take the phone to the software update section using iTunes. We do this by holding down the menu and power keys. Some models use the volume down and power button. So it varies by model.

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iPhone apple logo coming and going

Solving the problem using iTunes

If you have taken a backup of your iPhone to a computer before, we will do the above-mentioned operations, put it in software installation mode and solve the problem with these operations. Depending on the situation, we go from scratch to installation.

iPhone apple logo coming and going The best methods for those who are facing a problem like the one in our title are on this site.

Previously, we prepared an article for the problem of iPhone stuck on logo. There was important information about the reasons and solutions to stay on the logo. iPhone stuck on apple icon won’t turn on.

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