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iPhone camera not working problem is a common problem these days. One of the warnings is that the iPhone needs to cool before you can use the flash.

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iPhone needs to cool down, this is a warning that appears when turning on the camera. Most likely your device has been exposed to excessive heat. This feature came extensively, especially with iOS 16.

This has happened to us once. We received such a warning when we wanted to open the camera due to the excessive use of phone games by children in the summer.

iPhone needs to cool down

It is an important innovation that Apple has introduced to prevent its devices from overheating. It has been removed to prevent hardware failures, even if it is a little. It is possible for many parts to be damaged due to heating. This is a really useful feature.

There are some points that users should pay attention to in order not to expose your phone to excessive heat. For example, they should not expose their devices to direct sun during the summer months. Plus, we recommend not playing games for hours during these months. Another important issue is that the cables and adapters used for charging are original.

iPhone camera not working general issues

In the camera problems we experience in a few of the old models, either the front camera or the rear camera does not work. Normally, we had encountered such things before and when we restarted the phone, the problem would be solved. However, we also encountered problems depending on the hardware.

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Some of the iPhone camera not working complaints are software related problems. Resetting the device usually resolves this issue. However, we cannot understand whether it is hardware related or software until we try it.

Suggestions for iPhone camera not working

  1. If the phone can be turned off at that moment, keep it off for a while. On phones that do not turn off, it will be enough to press and hold the power button for a while. If you see it doesn’t happen, hold your hand down again to shoot.
  2. Make sure of the quality of the adapters and cables we use. Prefer original products. If it is expensive, use quality products that are equivalent. Many non-original products cause the device to heat up and shorten the battery life.
  3. It is necessary to check the background running on the iPhone. There is a possibility of problems due to something constantly consuming excessive hardware.
  4. Do not expose your devices to the sun and heat in hot areas in summer.
  5. The applications you use need to be checked. Check if there are any incompatible employees.

iPhone cooling is required, it appears mostly in games played for hours. However, we recommend that you pay attention to the above.

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iPhone needs to cool down camera not working

Finally, if the iPhone camera is not working, we need to proceed to the step of installing the software from scratch. Do this on your computer with iTunes.

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