iPhone stuck on apple icon won’t turn on

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iPhone won’t turn on? Stuck at boot logo? Then we recommend that you read what we wrote in detail.

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I think we have faced such a situation once or twice recently. But we didn’t stay that long. A couple of days ago a relative of mine got stuck on the apple sign and the phone was stuck on the apple logo for hours without turning on.

Our first step will be to warn you. Do not intervene in software problems without doing research. What you see as insignificant may cause big problems. And it will make things more difficult.

One of the problems that sometimes occur in iPhone update is stuck on apple logo. Most of the iPhone stucks on boot icon is a problem that occurs during software upgrades.

Let’s take a look at:

  • Breakouts and undercharge problem occur during version upgrade.
  • Do you have any intervention during installation?
  • Something that the person was trying to load at the time of starting the process makes it insufficient in the storage area.
  • The update process is interrupted because the battery life is about to run out or there is a problem at that moment. It’s possible that anything could have caused the interruption here.
  • One of the options that comes to our mind is that the version is problematic. Of course, a problem that occurs while downloading an update is among the possibilities.

iPhone stuck on update screen

If you have technical skills, chances are the methods we suggested will work for you.

The iPhone stays on the apple screen, it is one of the problems that we encounter when opening the phone, as well as when updating the phone. The important thing here is that the methods we give are done correctly.

There is also a situation that we encounter on Android devices, where the screen remains on the logo, just like the situation in this title. In this system, the problem is eliminated with a hard reset. There will be a process leading up to the use of iTunes within the iPhone. It’s not certain, of course, but it’s possible.

By looking at the model of the phones, we offer different suggestions in the options. For example, if it stays on the logo, pressing and holding the power button for a long time will perhaps allow us to exit the screen. Or by pressing the manu and power buttons at the same time.

By pressing the volume down or boost keys of the phone at the same time, we will have passed one of the necessary steps.

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iPhone stuck on apple icon won’t turn on

Normally booting iPhone with the help of iTunes

Long press the power key of the phone. The phone needs to be turned off. Next we need to switch to the DFU mode screen.

For DFU, it is done using power and menu key in the old model. However, in many new models, the process is done by pressing the power button.

Open the iTunes program on the computer and enter the mode we mentioned above and connect the phone to the computer with the USB cable. Then run an update or a fresh install.

Re-installation of software

The need for a zero installation due to the things that cause the system to break sometimes worries users. For example, the fear of deletion of the data in it directs users to alternative solutions.

If the update option does not appear on the screen while using the computer, you will have to do the operation with the option called reinstallation. If there is a backup that you have taken later, you will restore it and continue using the device from where you left off. Of course, if your data is too high, there is a possibility that it will be interrupted or take a long time to restore. Especially with high internet connection.

We hope that our recommendation steps for users who have the iPhone won’t turn on problem have been of great use to you.

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