TikTok live option not showing

TikTok canlı yayın gözükmüyor

Users who complain that there is TikTok live option not showing or live broadcast does not open, have the basic problem of either getting a live broadcast block or there are a few actions they need to take.

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Live streaming used to be one of the hard-to-reach services. Many of the social applications have tested this feature in the testing phase for a long time. When the service was launched, users were excited.

The TikTok application, which draws attention among social media platforms, also attracts great attention in our country. This application, which is seen as a sharing and friendship network, was frequently mentioned with negativities for a while. Although it has a sexual connotation in its content and is banned in some countries, a series of regulations have eliminated its negative aspects, albeit a little.

TikTok both entertains and earns its members with live broadcast. In order to have the live broadcast feature in the content of the network, which is among the popular applications, several conditions must be met.

TikTok live option not showing issue

We have prepared some of the possible causes for the no live stream icon issue. In the past, we have explained the steps for suggestions for these reasons that we have encountered in the past, in different articles.

  • If there are people who say that there is no problem in broadcasting before, but now they are having problems, the things that have been done in the last days should definitely be investigated.
  • Users who do something extreme will have their accounts blocked from trading for a while. Plus, it happens that some features of the application do not work.
  • It happens that these features do not work when the phone software is incompatible or does not support some of the features.
  • If there is a lack of information in the account profile, the missing fields should be filled and the areas that need to be verified should be verified and tested.
  • Reported accounts have temporary or permanent restrictions.
  • If the application or the phone has received an update and is not installed.
  • Banning the phone, internet or account for any reason.

What to do for TikTok live broadcast not opening problem

It is necessary to examine the options we have added above. When we look at these, the steps we will take will be clear. For example, trying with a different phone, account and internet. Plus, depending on the situation, turning the account into a business will offer a solution.

You will do the necessary transition in the ‘manage account’ field in the application’s settings.

It is necessary to wait for a few days for accounts that fall into the suspicious class. Unless, of course, the problem does not resolve itself during the day.

TikTok live option not showing

What to watch out for in TikTok live broadcast

According to the research you will do on the internet, there are many social media applications that you do not know. It is a fact that we subscribe to and follow almost all of them. The terms and rules of each application must also be included. Membership and registration are required for every social media application. For this, personal information must be entered accurately and completely. Increasing the number of followers by sharing will be a plus for the members. The fact that there are different shares as well as private shares has a great impact on the increase in the number of followers.

We think that the live broadcast feature helps to increase the number of followers seriously. A user can share at any time, but cannot open a live broadcast under all conditions. To use the live broadcast feature, it is necessary to reach a thousand or more followers. In other words, it is opened with a thousand followers to open a broadcast. Only posts can be made with the number of followers below a thousand. Friend requests can be received.

You share a lot, but your number of followers is still not close to a thousand. You want to open a live broadcast, but the number of followers is not enough. So what can be done in this situation? Normally, most of them overcome this problem by using buy followers platforms. It is used by purchasing followers and even likes in every price range from low to high.

TikTok live option not showing those who want to get more information about our content will be enough to make the necessary search from the search field on the site.

teknik destek

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