Where is the trash bin on my phone

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Where is the trash bin on my phone

The question of how to clean the trash on the phone is not asked very often, but it is asked in a different way. Where is the trash bin on my phone ?

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On the basis of the above question, I accidentally deleted the trash of the phone, how to restore it. Many do not know how to bring back the trash with the help of Google Play. Sometimes, no one really knows where the trash can is.

We will include the necessary information steps for the trash can in our content.

Emptying the trash on the phone

This process is done from the files and photo application. Deleted photos are not removed or data is not deleted. Basically, we will share with you what steps to do this process.

Now, we will explain how the things we mentioned above are used with subheadings. It is recommended to examine the comments in general of the applications to be preferred for the need for auxiliary tools.

Clearing trash from Google photos

  1. Let’s open the application called Photos.
  2. Switch to the option that says Library.
  3. Tap the Trash text or icon.
  4. Select and click Delete or clear all. Of course, if you want to do it selectively, you can select and process one by one.

Cleaning the trash with the Files app

Google files vary according to some phone models and new old. Of course, let’s not forget the diversity of brands. There are devices called Sample Gallery.

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  1. Let’s enter the Files area. If your phone does not have this section, you need to install this application from the Google Store.
  2. Users who are not installed on their device need to give the necessary approval and permissions after installing the application.
  3. Select all items and confirm with Delete.

Cleaning up trash with Android trash app

Install the trash app on your device and confirm the required permissions. Of course, be careful what you allow access to. Be careful if you are asked for Example Contacts (contacts) access. Among the risks, the deletion or use of the contacts in your directory is among the possibilities.

Another thing to consider is the possibility that the application you choose is paid. It is recommended to look at the details of the free ones. Plus users’ comments are very important.

It also appeals to those who say “Where is the trash bin on my phone, where is our content?”

Where is the trash bin on my phone

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