Discord Not Connecting with Mobile Data Problem (It Says Connecting But It Doesn't)

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In case of Discord not connecting via mobile data problem, it appears as if it is trying to connect but it is not connecting. The first thing that comes to our mind is having a secure internet connection. This often presents many obstacles to social media.

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The content includes solution suggestions for the problem that Discord does not connect to the phone's internet.

Discord Cannot Connect with Mobile Data What Should We Do?

If you cannot connect to Discord via mobile data, you need to check your recent transactions. Check if the connection can be made via another mobile data and WiFi. Of course, it would be useful to check it from another phone.

The steps to follow for the Discord not connecting via mobile data issue are as follows:

  • Turn your phone off and try turning it on again.
  • The date setting on the devices should be the option to be checked in every problem. If it is wrong, you will have problems with your connection and some usage.
  • Check the sufficient free space on your device.
  • Check if your internet has a security internet profile.
  • To test the connection, also use VPN.

Checks for Discord Mobile Data Connecting Issues

Although Discord is generally used over a Wi-Fi connection, it can also be preferred by users over a mobile data connection. However, sometimes problems may occur with Discord's mobile data connection. Here are various solutions you can use to overcome such problems:

1. Check Your Internet Connection:

One of the main reasons for problems connecting to Discord via mobile data may be a low or intermittent mobile data connection. First, check your device's internet connection and make sure you're getting a strong mobile data signal.

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2. Make Sure Mobile Data Usage is Allowed:

Check whether your device allows mobile data usage for the Discord app in the settings section. You can edit this setting via Settings > Applications > Discord.

3. Check VPN or Proxy Usage:

If you use a VPN or proxy, be aware that such services may block your access to Discord. In this case, try again by disabling the VPN or proxy.

4. Check Your DNS Settings:

There may be a problem with your DNS (Domain Name System) settings. Check your device's DNS settings or try reverting to default DNS settings.

5.Update Discord App:

Check if your Discord app is up to date. Older versions can cause outdated applications to have problems. Update your app from the store or the official Discord website.

6. Close and Open the Application:

Check if the problem is solved by closing and reopening the Discord application. This simple step can help clear the app from memory and restart it.

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Discord cannot connect with mobile data error

Instant Communication and Community Platform Discord

Discord is an instant communication platform generally designed for gaming communities; However, over time, it has reached a wide user base and started to be used for different purposes. Here is an explanation of Discord's basic functions and general usage areas:

1. Voice and Text Chat:

Discord offers users voice and text chat. You can create servers, open different channels in these servers and communicate both voice and text.

2. Community and Game Servers:

Particularly popular for gaming communities, Discord supports gaming-focused servers. Players can chat about their favorite games, discuss strategies, and play together.

3. Advanced Authorization and Control:

Discord provides broad authorization and control to server owners and administrators. In this way, you can manage memberships on a server, take security measures and determine users' access levels.

4. Private Messaging:

Discord allows users to communicate one-on-one with private messaging features. This allows you to continue private conversations with your friends or other members on the server.

5. File and Media Sharing:

Discord offers users the ability to share files, images, videos and other types of media. This feature makes sharing information and content easier.

6. Bot Support:

Discord improves user experience thanks to bot integrations. Custom bots allow you to automate various tasks on your server, play music or play fun games.

7. Mobile App Support:

Discord works integrated with mobile applications as well as desktop applications. This allows users to access Discord from any device.

8. Multi-Platform Support:

Discord supports different operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux. It also has a browser-based version, allowing you to chat online on any platform.

Here are our suggestions for the Discord cannot connect with mobile data error.

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