WhatsApp video call ends automatically

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WhatsApp video call is automatically closed. Is it an error or is it related to a situation on the phone? We will look for a solution to this in the content of the article.

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WhatsApp görüntülü arama sırasında kendiliğinden kapanıyor sorunu her kullanıcının karşılaşabileceği bir problem. Neden kapanıyor dendiğinde iPhone’ da ayrı bir sebepten dolayı görülen bu durum Samsung gibi Android telefonlarda daha farklı olabiliyor. Bizim bir kaç kez böyle bir sıkıntıyla karşılaştık ve ilk başımıza geldiğinde biraz geç anladık. Görüntülü görüşme yaparken bir anda kendi kendine görüşme sonlanıyor.

While we talk about the situation relevant to us in our article, we will also have opinions about other possible situations.

The first fields to look for when the search is ending are:

  • Checking whether the internet is disconnected or insufficient.
  • Lack of space on the device or not enough space.
  • Hardware difficulties in mass searches.
  • Forced by those working in the background.
  • Check WhatsApp permissions and turn off and on the separate setting.
  • Restart the phone from time to time, as operating the phone for a long time may cause problems.

WhatsApp automatically closes on call status

In our case, the reason is due to insufficient storage space. When you look at it, you see that there is about 1-2 GB of free space, but when the use of a large number of applications is added, we realized that this space is insufficient.

Regardless of which phone such a situation occurs, the first things to do are as follows:

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  • It is strongly recommended to turn off the phone to recover.
  • Space is checked and even if there is, at least 1 GB of space is freed up.
  • It is tested by stopping or instantly terminating the background ones.
  • Since there may be conflicting applications that may cause problems, they can be analyzed by trial and error.
  • If there is an error in the date, it may cause similar problems in the working parts of the applications.
  • The software factor is very important. Incompatibilities may occur due to having an old version.
  • When it does not work with new versions of the application, it can be tested with a few of the older versions.
  • WhatsApp can be used within the application called Parallel space.

If the same problem occurs when your line is tested on other devices, we recommend that you contact the developer.

WhatsApp video call ends automatically
WhatsApp video call ends automatically
  • As you can see, there is only a little space left and the call ends automatically while you are making a call. It will disappear when we free up space, and when we do not free up space, we may gradually encounter unusual problems in other applications.
WhatsApp video calling is shutting down
WhatsApp call ends on its own

Other reasons for the call was terminated problem

To summarize a few of the things to look for, it will be whether other users have mentioned this on the internet. Those who do not turn off their phones for a long time may experience system glitches on their devices. Another problem is that a similar application installed later conflicts with it and prevents the operation.

It may be necessary to uninstall the new version and try it with a previous version, in case it was released as a result of the upgrade. Also, things that are done frequently may come with restrictions.

Other factors that come to our mind are that the phones have old software versions. In this case where there is a compatibility problem, it is necessary to revert to a few previous versions. Of course, this is purely a testing step and other possibilities need to be looked at depending on the situation.

Checking the phone

The basic check areas on your device are, first, that the date field is correct, and second, that there is enough free space. These two factors apply to every application. We strongly recommend that you use it for the smooth operation of the system.

After the above, you need to look at the possibility of the applications you install on a phone causing problems. We have encountered this in different applications in the past. For the trial, those installed later must be removed. At least, it is checked after each lift and moved on to the next.

An important step in the implementation part

This solution suggestion that we have been writing for a long time has provided solutions to many problems. Android users will find these and similar steps on both mobile devices and all smart devices.

There is a section called applications in the settings. Here, you need to find WhatsApp among the installed applications and run the options in it. Of course, it is recommended that you try again after each option and move on to the next one.

On iOS devices, you will continue with the reset in the field called reset and transfer under the general heading. Afterwards, it will be enough to reset all settings and, depending on the situation, network settings.

WhatsApp video calls are not visible on the computerWe also recommend you to look at our content.

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