Setting a Windows 11 password and opening a new user account

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We have illustrated the necessary steps for you to open a new user account in Windows 11 and then use the password setting options. If it doesn't open, let me know.

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How to add a new user to Windows 11? Here is the answer and easy explanation of this question, which has become increasingly popular in the near future. With this article, you will now be able to add new users in Windows 11 very easily.

To add a new user, first right-click on My Computer/This Computer and select the Manage tab from the tabs that appear.

A window named Computer Management appears. In this window, we expand the local users and services tab by pressing the sign to the left, right-click on the users from the subheadings that appear, and click on the New User tab from the tabs that appear.

New user creation phase

When we click on the new user tab, a window with username and password appears. We fill in these fields and click on the create tab. In this window, the tab at the top indicating that the user must change the password when logging in again appears marked by default. In this way, when we click on the create tab, the user has the opportunity to change his password when he logs in.

When this default tab is unchecked, the new user will not be able to change the password when logged in. And in this way, the person has full control over the newly opened account. However, before clicking create, this check must be removed from the box that is checked by default. In this way, whether or not the opportunity to change the password is given, a new user is created by clicking the create tab.

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Creating a new user account in Windows 11

  1. To add a new user, just type "Other users" in the search bar and search.
  2. Continue with “Add family member” or “Add someone else to this computer”.
  3. When you choose another one, the screen asks you to enter your Microsoft account. Your example Hotmail email address and password.
  4. If the family one is selected, it is created as a child account. By checking through the administrator account, the creation of a restricted account is made.

By using the login option in the side tab, you can use the session with an encryption method of your choice.

Setting a Windows 11 password and opening a new user account

If the section does not open, you can enter the system area and access the relevant area. If the account opening does not work, you can start the system restore depending on the situation.

Opening a new user account in Windows 11

How to set password in Windows 11?

For password settings, the order is as above and we add what to do next. You can use one or more of the suggestions in the login options.

  1. Windows hello yüz (Uyumlu kamera veya sistem olması gerekiyor)
  2. Windows hello fingerprint (Compatible fingerprint reader required)
  3. Windows hello pin (You can put a 4-Digit password)
  4. Using the security key (Physical key required)
  5. Password and picture password (Your favorite picture can be used as password)

How to set password in Windows 11

You will encounter many features such as dynamic lock, application management and remote management in the same section.

When you enter the email and accounts section, you will see all available accounts. You can also access the option to create a school and workplace account from here.

For those who want to create an e-mail account, the accounts they add in this field will be automatically installed in Windows mail. You will access the added accounts from the Mail application. Sending and receiving can be done from the same panel.

Update Date: 09 August 2021, 04:32

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