ZTE 11AC H168A modem installation and WiFi 5

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While explaining how to install the ZTE 11AC H168A WiFi 5 modem, we will also talk about solving possible problems. Before I forget, there is Dual Band.

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From time to time we include the installation of some models. The settings of most of them are not complicated and they reset on their own.modem installationis being done. If those who follow the reset step cannot find a solution, then we recommend that they review the illustrated explanation below.

ZTE is one of the very old brands and its name is known in many technological products. Modems also have a very diverse structure.

There may be those who take videos among the practical explanations. However, let's say that this model takes a very short time because its configuration is very simple.

  1. Access your modem's interface using the address "".
  2. If you have not changed the login information, admin / turktelekom (It may vary depending on the company you purchase from. Passwords can also be written as admin or superonlien)
  3. You enter the "Easy menu" among the top headings.
  4. Run “Easy installation” from the side tab.
  5. The information provided by the place where you receive service (..@ttnet or turknet) will be entered in the ID field. If the documents are there, it is written there. Otherwise, call the call center of the company providing the service.
  6. Let's click on the Next button.
  7. Turn SSID 1 (2.4ghz) on. Choose a name that is adjacent to the wireless name and does not contain Turkish characters.
  8. The mode may be mixed and as shown in the image. We recommend setting the channel to 11 instead of auto.
  9. SSID5 (5ghz) is available for devices that support this feature. Otherwise, our suggestion is to select it as off.
  10. In the last part, you will be presented with a list of the steps taken and simply click "Apply" to save.

You will be offered to change your password on the first login screen. You can either choose to change or click on the skip button to reach the main screen. It is the password to enter the modem's settings that will be changed. Our recommendation is to change it to a password you will not forget.

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In manual installations, the option starting with PPP continues as OE and other information becomes standard. The information to be written next to @ varies depending on the company from which the service is received. If another provider is to be entered, the section will be opened with the "Click here" option below the relevant location.

ZTE 11AC H168A wireless installation also has a very simple interface. You will complete your transactions via one area.

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Type your WiFi password and name in non-Turkish values. Otherwise you will not have a connection. It should be noted that you may see the message Unable to connect.

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ZTE 11AC H168A modem resetleme

Most of those who ask where the ZTE 11AC H168A reset is done, either because they cannot connect to the internet or because they have the problem of forgetting the password of the interface area. This is a very useful feature. It eliminates many problems.

Resetting the ZTE 11AC H168A is usually done by pressing a small hole on the back with a pin. However, we recommend that you do not exceed 20 seconds. Otherwise, you may cause the modem to malfunction.

We recommend that those who cannot make wired transactions do so using a phone via WiFi. It is the best method for problems caused by the LAN cable or the computer.

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