Does the Image Look Blurry on TV?

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The problem of blurry images on TV used to occur frequently in the past, but we think it doesn't occur much these days. At least not as much as before. If the Smart TV you are using shows blurry images, the before and after situation is a very important detail.

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Problem: The Image Is Blurred on the TV

If there was no blurring on the screen of your TV before and it started now, there is most likely something wrong with the hardware. Before starting the checks, unplug the TV and leave it that way for a while. Then try it and see the following depending on the situation.

These questions are important:

  • Does the TV become blurry after overheating or instantly?
  • Does it get blurry as soon as you open it or after waiting a while?
  • Have you experienced color shifts or other problems?
  • Do you experience excessive heat when you touch the back and front while watching?
  • Have any drawings hit the panel?
  • Is there any external device connected to the TV?
  • Have you tried connecting an external device? (TV Box or satellite receiver for Android users)

Progress is made according to these questions. We recommend that you forward the answers to these questions to the service of the relevant brand regarding these hardware problems.

Remove Sources of Interference

Some blurring and ghosting problems may occur due to electrical interference or faulty surge protectors. To eliminate such problems, try powering your TV directly from an outlet, do not put an extension cord or surge protector in between. If this method solves your problem, you can try using a different extension cable.

You may also consider turning off devices that are on the same electrical connection as the TV. For example, electrical devices such as computers, modems or air conditioners may cause image interference. If possible, make sure that these devices are not plugged into the same socket as your television.

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Image appears blurry on TV

Blurred Image on Television: Beware of Electricity Fluctuations

If the electricity from the grid is fluctuating, you may want to consider using a power stabilizing device for spikes.

An important tip is that devices connected to fuses operate more efficiently when using a power stabilizer. In models that plug into a socket, this situation must be connected to the device that is experiencing the problem.

Blurry Image on TV: Optimize Display Settings

Try to improve image quality by optimizing monitor or television settings. Display settings are usually found in menu options such as “Picture Settings” or “Display Mode.” In these menus you can control:

  • Tension: It has important image settings such as increasing the sharpness setting and clarifying blurry images. However, excessive sharpness will result in artificial images.
  • Brightness and Contrast: Adjusting these settings evenly can increase image clarity and detail.
  • Color Settings: Adjusting color saturation and hue can provide more vivid and clear images.
  • Noise Reduction: Some devices offer a setting such as “Noise Reduction” to reduce noise present in low-quality images.

Check for Software Updates

Keeping your software up to date prevents many problems with image quality. Manufacturers release software update packages that contain performance improvements and bug fixes. The latest updates are usually available in your device's settings menu or on the manufacturer's website. Older versions may be removed from the relevant site after a while. In such cases, just searching on Google will be enough.

Check Cables and Connections

Display problems can sometimes be caused by cable and connection problems. The quality of digital connections, such as HDMI cables, can affect image quality. You can:

  • Check HDMI Cables: Make sure the cables are not damaged and connected properly. Try replacing old or low-quality HDMI cables with new ones.
  • Clean Ports: Clean the ports of the devices. Dust or dirt will cause problems with the connections.

Check the Settings of External Devices

Check the display settings of the external devices you are using. These devices may have their own display settings and upgrade options. Make sure that the devices' settings are optimized according to their resolution.

The Image Is Blurry on the TV: Calibrate the Screen

Improve image quality by calibrating, balancing color accuracy, brightness and contrast.

Blurry Image on TV: Consider Factory Reset

If the problem persists despite trying all these steps, consider restoring the television to factory settings. This process usually resets misconfigured settings, returning the device to its original settings. However, before doing this, be aware that important settings and data will be deleted.

Here are the steps to follow when the TV image is blurry.

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