How to hide EBA Portfolio points

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The whole world became acquainted with distance education during the pandemic period. From time to time, we publish useful content for this purpose. In this content, we will clarify how to hide Eba portfolio points.

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During the coronavirus epidemic that affected the whole world, Eba constituted most of the agenda of students and teachers. So, what is Eba? Education , as it is known, is a large information network operated by the Ministry of National Education, where teachers and students can meet, access digital content at all grade levels, prepare their own content, exchange information, and enable measurement and evaluation activities to be carried out remotely.

How to log in to EBA?

It is necessary to address this topic through the entries made by teachers, students and parents.

Teachers do not need to obtain a separate password to access Eba content. They can log in using their Mebbis or e-government passwords. It is also possible to log in to the system by creating a QR code through the application downloaded to smart mobile phones. Teachers who want to log in to the system must type ​​in the address bar of the browser they use and select continue teacher login on the page that opens. In the new window that opens, they need to choose the login method that suits them and write their TR ID number and password in the designated field.

Parents of students can also log in to eba using their own e-government passwords and access information about the studies, developments and how much time they spend on eba of all the students whose parents they are a parent of. The login method is to enter the TR ID number and e-government password information in the relevant fields in the window that opens after selecting the Continue to Eba parent options on the page opened at The login method for students is slightly different. First of all, a password must be determined.

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Students can request a single-use password from their teachers to log in to the panel, and students' parents can also create a single-use password. The only thing that needs to be done is to enter the single TR ID number and one-time password information and set a new password that will not be forgotten after logging in to the system. After completing this process, you can easily enter the educational IT network and benefit from its contents.

EBA Portfolio points
How to hide EBA Portfolio points

What is EBA Portfolio?

Portfolio is the section where all the work the student has completed or left incomplete during the academic year is included, where his/her progress is monitored, where he/she earns achievement badges for his/her work, where he/she can accumulate the points he/she has received for his/her work, where he/she can see his/her ranking in the school, and where his/her teachers' opinions about him/her are included. While students can follow their own developments here, parents and teachers can also follow their students' developments from the portfolio.

How to hide EBA Portfolio points

We will try to share with you step by step what to do to hide points.

To answer the question of how to hide Eba points, you need to follow these steps:

  • Log in with your Eba account.
  • Proceed to the portfolio section.
  • Find the Score and Ranking field.
  • Tap the area with 3 dots in the relevant section.
  • Enter the settings area.
  • All you have to do is turn off the Other Students Can See option.
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