Facebook Login is Currently Not Available for This App

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There is a problem connecting your Facebook account. The warning that appears: “The feature is not used. Facebook login is not currently available for this app as we are updating additional details for this app.”

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The problem of Facebook feature not being used in the game is mostly due to a security issue or a problem with the account. In our article, we will talk about what steps should be taken to solve the problem of an error occurring when connecting the game to Facebook.

Facebook Login is Not Currently Available for This Application Error

“The feature is not used. “Facebook login is not currently available for this app as we are updating additional details for this app” usually indicates that an app or service has temporarily disconnected or changed from your Facebook account. This type of message may be published to inform users and indicate that they need to update their privacy settings.

Below you can find a more detailed explanation of this statement:

1. Security and Privacy Updates:

  • The app may have temporarily disabled Facebook login to protect users' privacy and comply with security standards. This allows users to update their information and review their privacy preferences.

2. API (Application Programming Interface) Changes:

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  • Due to changes to Facebook's APIs, app developers may temporarily disable certain features to update and make compatible existing integrations.

3. User Consent and Permissions:

  • Users may be temporarily logged out of Facebook before approving new permissions requested by the app. This gives users more control and makes information sharing more transparent.

4. Technical Issues and Updates:

  • App developers may have temporarily turned off Facebook integration to resolve technical issues or apply updates. This is usually done to improve user experience or fix bugs.

Users should check the official communication channels of the application or service when they encounter such situations. Additionally, it is important to check app settings to keep up with updates and notifications and adjust security and privacy preferences.

Facebook login is not currently available for this application 1
Facebook login is not currently available for this app

Suggestions for Feature Not Being Used When Connecting Facebook Account

You should try the options in the subheadings we added above and then try to overcome the problem with the options we will add below.

  1. For those who have problems with the game, exit the game from your game account. Continue with a new session.
  2. Try using your browser's incognito tab or a different browser.
  3. If there are different options used when connecting the session, try these options as well.
  4. Initiate the password reset while you are logged out of your Facebook password. Create the new password in the incognito tab and log in again from a regular browser tab.
  5. When connecting from the game, log out of Facebook and log in when connecting.

Suspect Blocked on Facebook Account

If an error occurs when connecting your Facebook account to the game (Facebook login is not currently used for this application), wait a while without taking action. We recommend that you try using different internet and computers depending on the situation. Maybe using a VPN will help log in. Before I forget, those who encounter such a situation while using a VPN should definitely stop the VPN service.

It is recommended for those using fixed IP to try connecting to a different internet.

Connecting the Game to Facebook Account

Many games today have integrated with Facebook accounts to make players' experiences more interactive and social. In this way, you can share your games with your friends, show your scores and compete with other players. Here are the binding steps:

Step 1: Download and Install the Game

As a first step, download the game from the relevant app store and install it on your device. After making sure the game is installed, open the application.

Step 2: Create Account or Log In

If you haven't created an account for the game before, create a new account. If you have an existing account, continue by logging in.

Step 3: Find the Settings Menu

There is usually a “Settings” or “Options” section on the game's home screen or main menu. Find this section and open it.

Step 4: Find Connection Options

In the settings menu there will usually be an option like “Account” or “Connection”. Click this option to begin the process of connecting to your Facebook account.

Step 5: Facebook Login

When you see an option like “Connect” or “Sign In with Facebook,” select that option. In this step, you will be asked to enter your Facebook username and password.

Step 6: Confirm Permissions

The game may need certain permissions to connect your Facebook account with the game. Follow the requested steps to confirm permissions such as accessing profile information, seeing the friends list, etc.

Step 7: Done!

Once the connection process is complete, your game is now linked to your Facebook account. You can now invite your Facebook friends in-game, share your scores, and take advantage of other social features.

We explained step by step what to do to solve the problem that Facebook login is not currently used for this application.

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