Touchpad not working Windows 11 problem

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Touchpad not working Windows 11 problem

The Windows 11 Touchpad not working problem is mostly caused by the user accidentally locking the relevant area. Of course, there is also the possibility of a physical failure with the drivers.

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If the touchpad is not working;

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1- Access Settings from the area called Start. Or you can reach it by typing in the search field.

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2- From the menu named Device, switch to Mouse and Touch Panel.

3- Note that the mouse is connected, hold the touchpad option is unchecked. Mark it according to the situation, then remove and try.

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4- If the relevant field does not appear, press and hold the Mouse options field.

In cases where these steps do not work, the touch driver needs to be removed from the Device Manager option. Then you can turn the computer off and on, or restart it and try. Normally, there is an option called scan hardware or scan for changes in the same area.

Another suggested solution to the problem of touchpad scrolling not working is to uninstall the driver and program.

Continue with Touchpad not working…

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Uninstalling the relevant driver from Device Manager

1- Type Device Manager in the Search field next to the section called Start.

2- Enter the relevant field and find the driver for the Touchpad among the drivers.

3- Right click on it and select Uninstall.

4- Try restarting your system.

The driver will be installed automatically. If it is not installed, double-click on the driver and start the hardware scan. You can’t see it, install the latest drivers from the internet or use the programs used to find automatic drivers.

image 7
Touchpad not working Windows 11 problem

Lenovo touchpad vertical scroll action

1- Go to Start and Settings area.

2- Let’s continue by selecting the devices.

3- Let’s touch Mouse on the side panel.

4- Click on “Additional mouse options” at the bottom of the screen.

5- Select the ELAN and device settings area. Let’s select the device under this field and click on Settings or Options.

Those who cannot reach the relevant option need to install the touch driver. (

Using system restore

We recommend that you run system restore for the touchpad not working issue. In particular, this option will provide a solution for problems caused by the user or the operating system.

Touchpad scrolling not working we think the steps are helpful. If not, run the steps in our article named Windows 11 system restore as an example and confirm by choosing a date where the problem was not present.

Hardware failure check

For this, let’s try with an external mouse if available. Without forgetting, there may be a Touchpad lock situation. There are computers that boot using shortcut options. Do not try the above without doing the necessary research according to the laptop model.

Let’s come to the test of hardware failure. There are mouse testing tools for this. After trying with these and an external mouse, we apply the driver uninstall and install process depending on the situation. You need to get help from the technical service for physical malfunctions. Especially their own service should be preferred.

Touchpad not working is a situation that any computer user can solve, unless there is a hardware failure.

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