Insert SD card before using the camera

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It happens to people who say that after installing software or installing Eu Stable ROM, they get the "Insert SD card before using the camera" error. Let's see what to do with the solution...

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We have not encountered it on Samsung or Huawei, but Xiaomi has a problem with the "Insert SD card before using the camera" problem that occurs after installing Android ROM: When recovery is done with reboot on the TWRP screen, TWRP is entered and Wipe A.' After selecting "cache, system, dalvik and data" with the following checked, the ROM will be re-installed via install.

With these steps, you will reach the solution by reinstalling. If a warning appears for different reasons, it is recommended to uninstall all subsequently installed applications. If it still persists despite these, then see the following. Of course, if there is no hardware fault, these may work.

For SD card warning when camera is in use:

  1. Installing the correct software from scratch.
  2. Testing by performing a hard reset or reinstallation afterwards.
  3. If such a problem occurs even though you have not installed any software, it may be necessary to try factory settings and test an auxiliary camera application.
  4. A solution can be found by discarding older Android versions.

Problems may always arise if the necessary settings are not selected during installation, if no action is taken in cases that require additional files, and if those who install non-original software, that is, software of another model.

Insert SD card before using the camera

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Warnings before assigning ROM:

  • We should point out that an incorrect version will cause the device not to turn on.
  • IMEI will be deleted on the discarded device after the process.
  • In unsuitable versions, no network problem may be encountered.

Update Date: 07 July 2020, 15:43

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