Watching movies on a tube TV via USB

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We would like to make a few suggestions for those who are wondering what kind of device they should buy to watch movies from a USB flash memory on a tube TV. Of course, pay attention to the video format.

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There are questions about whether to connect USB to the old TV or whether there is another method. Connecting a USB to a tube television is one of the most common ways to watch videos. It can be easily used with a satellite receiver and a DVD with USB support. In the past, the quality of an electronic device could be measured by its weight as well as its brand. So back then, if it was heavy, it was considered a good device. Nowadays, the lighter the better.

We have previously explained how to add Smart feature to an LCD television that does not have Smart support, with the help of an Android TV box. It is possible to access the internet and install applications with this device. In this topic, we will examine what can be done to use flash memory in older televisions.

If you do not want to replace your old television, for the least costly and trouble-free use:

  • Buying a USB DVD
  • Getting a USB satellite receiver (Software video playback support is important)
  • If the device has an input, ip tv / tv box

You can watch movies from flash disk with the above. Of course, the video format it supports is important. AVI, mp4…

Before purchasing a device, pay attention to the video formats. Multiple supports do not create multiple workloads. If you encounter an incompatible image format, you can convert it to a compatible format from your computer. Sometimes it may happen that the video is opened by changing the link extension.

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Note: Software support of the device you will purchase is an important factor. When you buy a DVD, if the inputs are according to the TV, it is not a problem since the operation will be done through the device. But in satellite receivers, both device quality and support will be important factors.

Watching movies on a tube TV via USB

Some of the things you should pay attention to are;

  • Make sure that the device you buy is cheap but functional.
  • Our recommendation is to choose products that are large enough to not take up space.
  • Those who want to connect an apparatus to the television by soldering and perform the operation would be better off getting help from a service or turning to one of the suggestions above to avoid encountering a situation that may cause another problem.

Update Date: June 13, 2020, 18:16

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